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Bud Light Platinum Campaign


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Bud Light Platinum Campaign

  1. 1. PR CAMPAIGNSamanthia MertheGerrad CarsonDanielle Davis
  2. 2. A Brief History: Anheuser-Busch • Called “The Beer of Kings” since the 16th century Budweiser • Changed to “The King of the Beers” AB claims 9 out of the top 20 selling beers and Bud Light is ranked #1 • Introduced in 1982 as Bud Light Budweiser Light
  3. 3. Bud Light Platinum Costs about $1.50 more than BL per Slightly 137 calories six-pack sweeter than BL and a where BL little more of has 110 a kick than light beers Bud Light6% alcohol Platinum hit by volume store shelves Highly(regular BL nationwide carbonated has 4.2%) Jan. 30, 2012.
  4. 4. Objectives Bud Light Platinum provides beer drinkers an upscale light beer option as a companion to their social agenda. Most of Anheuser- Busch’s beers are seeing a decline in revenue, which is why they are looking to expand the brand with Bud Light Platinum.
  5. 5. Demographics Males Females Bud LightIt’s sweetness name andand distinctive high alcohol look/color Spirit Drinkers content Commercials mention the beer is triple distilled and it’s “top- shelf” BUDLIGHTPLATINUM COMMERCIAL
  7. 7. PRE-RELEASE PARTIES Chicago New York Las Vegas
  8. 8. SUPER BOWL XLVI People KnowTwo about itadvertisements • Strong immediate• “Factory” and “Work” sales Generates free publicity • Newspaper articles discussing product • Blogs discussing ads
  9. 9. INTERNET
  10. 10. YouTube • Specific for Bud Light PlatinumOwn Page • Currently over 980,000 views between two videos Stats • Song Comment has 57 “Likes” • Revenue sharingPartnership • Special features and tools • #MAKEITPLATINUM Banner
  11. 11. FACEBOOK
  12. 12. TWITTER #MAKEITPLATINUM Promoted across many media platforms TweetsPosted on website Posted on Facebook Awareness Spreads product in a casual way
  13. 13. AVICII SONG
  14. 14. Evaluation won a 1.7 share of supermarket beer sales in the first week, topping all of Miller Coors Blue Moon brands combined. ??? It is selling more than it was expeceted to sell which is making it hard to come by in some grocery stores but it is so new we dont know yet if it will continue to fly off the shelves.