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Webvisions talk 2015 09252015 final


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User interviews are a great technique for getting to know your target audience. But sometimes people just don’t know how to articulate what they need, want, or feel. We’ll discuss how to use projective techniques, such as image associations, collaging, sentence completion, and others to uncover hidden, actionable insights to fuel your designs.

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Webvisions talk 2015 09252015 final

  1. 1. @susanamercer Going Deep Uncovering Hidden Insights Through User Interviews Susan Mercer Experience Research Director Mad*Pow
  2. 2. @susanamercer Don’t play the notes on the page… play the music. “ ”
  3. 3. @susanamercer Don’t read the notes on the page… have a conversation.“ ”
  4. 4. @susanamercer Consider the participant’s perspective. Why does she want to talk with me? Do I know enough? Will I sound stupid? What will she think about me?
  5. 5. @susanamercer Social Desirability Bias 60% of people lied an average of 3 times in a 10 minute conversation with someone they just met. * Feldman, R.S., Forrest, J.A., and Happ, B. R. (2002) Basic and Applied Social Psychology, 24(2), 163-170.
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  9. 9. @susanamercer Getting to the Honest Truth • Set the stage • Be your curious self • Listen and accept • Ask questions in unique ways
  10. 10. @susanamercer Set the Stage • Be transparent • Give them permission to be honest • Ask for their help
  11. 11. @susanamercer Be Your Curious Self •Be genuinely curious •Be human
  12. 12. @susanamercer Listen and Accept “People speak in paragraphs” – Steve Portigal
  13. 13. @susanamercer Ask Questions in Unique Ways • Don’t put the participant on the defensive • Use indirect questioning to get to tough questions • Not “Why didn’t you…” • “What kept you from…”
  14. 14. @susanamercer Recognition vs. Recall •Our brains store information in networks •Use techniques to make it easy for people to recall topics
  15. 15. @susanamercer Methods to Try •Open-Ended Exploration •Sentence Completion •Collaging •Laddering •Triading
  16. 16. @susanamercer Open-Ended Exploration •Start Broad •Learn what they think is important
  17. 17. @susanamercer Sentence Completion •Focused, yet open-ended •Good topic starter •Clues to dive deeper
  18. 18. @susanamercer Sentence Completion •If I used this all day, I would… •Using this app, makes me feel… •Compared to other websites, this site is…
  19. 19. @susanamercer Collaging •Provide images & supplies •Set focus topic •Give them 15-20 mins •Triggers recognition
  20. 20. @susanamercer Story Telling About Pictures •Have them tell their story •Great way to uncover topics important to them •Use when you don’t know what questions to ask
  21. 21. @susanamercer The Power of the Story
  22. 22. @susanamercer Triading •Compare 3 things •Uncover important dimensions •Tell the story •Repeat
  23. 23. @susanamercer Triading Example •How are two of these different from the third?
  24. 24. @susanamercer Triading Follow-Up •Tell the story behind the differences •Which is more important to them? •A and B share a characteristic •C is the only one that has a characteristic
  25. 25. @susanamercer Laddering •Iterative questions •Laddering gets to values that people can’t articulate well  Why?  Why?  Why?  Why?
  26. 26. @susanamercer Laddering Example • What is the most important feature on this pizza ordering app? • Why are deals and coupons important to you? • What is it about saving money that is important to you? • Why is it important to save for their college funds? • Deals and Coupons • Because I like to save money, and not have my wife yell at me • We are trying to save as much as we can for the kids’ college funds • Education is expensive, but important. I want my kids to have better jobs than I do Interviewer Participant
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  28. 28. @susanamercer Summary of Methods What is important to participants Uses Recall to access memories Use Recognition to access memories Assists articulation Open Ended Exploration X X Sentence Completion X X X Collaging X X X Triading X X Laddering X X X
  29. 29. @susanamercer Summary •Encourage participants to be honest •Build trust – be yourself •Use soft questions for tough topics •Be creative with techniques
  30. 30. @susanamercer Have Fun! Thank You Susan Mercer Experience Research Director Mad*Pow