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This is my first Ignite talk. I gave it on Informal Mentoring on June 5, 2012 at the UPA2012 conference in Las Vegas, NV.

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  • Mentorship is a RelationshipIt deserves the same love and attention that you give to your other relationshipsSome last, some don’tYou have to invest in it to make it last
  • Needs planning – what do you want from the mentorship?Needs weeding – care ant attention. Check in with each other, don’t lose contact.
  • It’s give AND takeIt needs tending like a garden.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for adviceMost people are willing to give itStart small – let the mentorship build with time
  • Have relevant experience
  • Be willing to teach youHave mentee’s best interests at heartProvide adviceBut let them fly on their ownProactively share information
  • Let them do the workMonitor progressProvide encouragementShare in their successes
  • But let them fly on their own
  • Has to WANT to learn
  • Ask for advice when needed
  • Seek out opportunitiesBe open to learning and trying new thingsTake responsibility for your own career
  • Take responsibility for your own career
  • Ask for adviceOffer adviceMutual respectMutual affection
  • Informal Mentoring

    1. 1. Informal MentoringSusan MercerSr. Experience
    2. 2. What do I know?๏ Had some great mentors๏ Been a mentor๏ Mentoring is in my blood
    3. 3. It doesn’t have to be formal
    4. 4. It can be informal
    5. 5. It’s a Relationship
    6. 6. It needs work like a garden…
    7. 7. …to look like a garden
    8. 8. It takes someone to start it๏ Seek out someone๏ Ask for advice๏ Don’t be afraid
    9. 9. Who makes a good mentor?
    10. 10. Who makes a good mentor?
    11. 11. Who makes a good mentor?
    12. 12. Who makes a good mentor?
    13. 13. Who makes a good mentee?
    14. 14. Who makes a good mentee?
    15. 15. Who makes a good mentee?
    16. 16. Who makes a good mentee?
    17. 17. What should I do? (mentors)๏ Be open and approachable๏ Talk to new people in the field๏ Be friendly and encouraging
    18. 18. What should I do? (mentees)๏ Take control๏ Don’t be afraid to ask
    19. 19. Remember: It is give and take
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