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Google Analytics - A Primer


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Presentation from the 2009 National Conference on Student Recruitment, Marketing and Retention

Published in: Technology, Business
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Google Analytics - A Primer

  1. 1. Google AnalyticsSeth Meranda Stephanie GeyerUser Experience Architect, UNL Associate Vice President, E-Communications & Web Services, Noel-LevitzAssociate Consultant, Noel-Levitz
  2. 2. Analysis and synthesis ordinarilyclarify matters for us about asmuch as taking a Swiss watchapart and dumping its wheels,springs, hands, threads, pivots,screws and gears into alaymans hands forreassembling, clarifies a watchto a layman.Author Unknown
  3. 3. Why Analytics?Justification Trend SpottingSuccessfulness ROIFailures Audience Understanding
  4. 4. This is our (potential) audience, plus the other side(there are now 1.6 billion internet users worldwide; Internet World Stats)
  5. 5. They come from 200 countries.
  6. 6. Who needs Analytics?Marketing ITWeb Development DirectorsRecruitment Anyone who creates content
  7. 7. Isn’t Analytics all about hits?
  8. 8. 11,00210,0003,900
  9. 9. Now we have some context. But there’s more...
  10. 10. Page A11,002 Page B10,000 Page C3,900 Page D
  11. 11. Why Google Analytics?Enterprise-Ready Multi-purposeRobust Worldwide supportEasy And...Quick it’s FREE!
  12. 12. What can GA offer?Campaign SEO PerformanceMeasurement AdvancedEvent Tracking SegmentationSite Search Analysis Goals
  13. 13. Campaign MeasurementEmail OnlinePrint AdsCustom Social MediaInstant Messaging
  14. 14. Event TrackingAJAX CallsVideosFlash
  15. 15. Site Search AnalysisUsers tell you what they are looking for!SuccessesRefinements
  16. 16. SEO PerformanceKeywordsSearch EnginesFrequency
  17. 17. Advanced SegmentationAny data pointAll reportsCompare
  18. 18. Goals!Most powerful featureAlign with website goalsSuccess? (great work)Failure? (realign and try again)
  19. 19. What should I look for?TrendsNuancesSomething newGoal analysis
  20. 20. How can I find out more?
  21. 21. Questions?