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Talking about movies


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Talking about movies

  1. 1. Speaking and listening Let’s talk about MOVIES Conversation cardsHow often do you go to the What kind of movies do you Who’s your favorite actor orcinema? like? Why? actress?Who do you go with? (e.g. action, horror, sci-fi) Why do you like them?What’s the name of the last What’s the best movie you Do you like horror movies?film you saw? have ever seen? Why (not)?What was it about? Explain why.Do you prefer to watch Do you ever rent DVDs? Have you ever bought amovies at home or in the If so, where do you rent pirated movie? Do you thinkcinema? Why? them? it is OK to copy movies?What is the worst movie you Have you ever watched the Do you watch movies inhave ever seen? Academy Awards (Oscars)? English or your language?Why was it so bad? If so, did you like it? Why? Which do you prefer?When you watch an English Movie stars are often paid Give as many ‘movie words’movie, do you prefer it millions of dollars. Do you think as you know.dubbed or subtitled? Why? they deserve this? Explain. (e.g. film, director, set)Do you ever watch reality What kind of snacks or Would you like to be aTV shows? Do you like drinks do you have when you famous film star?them? Why (not)? go to the movies? Why or why not? Interview another student Match the titles with the genres Have you ever … ? Y/N 1. Pirates of the Caribbean a. animated cartoon (see) a horror movie 2. Star Trek: The Movie b. horror movie 3. Kung Fu Panda c. war movie (eat) popcorn in the cinema 4. Zombies Nightmare d. romantic comedy (leave) the theatre before the end 5. The Battle of the Bulge e. musical (rent) a DVD 6. Fatal Attraction f. science fiction (watch) the Academy Awards 7. Shakespeare in Love g. thriller (meet) a film star 8. The Sound of Music h. adventure (ask) for an autograph 9. Die Hard i. action Example: Q: Have you ever seen a horror movie? A: Yes, I have. / No, I haven’t. Action !