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Second video from canadian center


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comments about second video class

Published in: Education
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Second video from canadian center

  1. 1. Second video from Canadian Center<br /> In my second class video I had five students. This class was different to the first one because I did not change anything in the class; I did what I had planned. <br />In this second class I developed several activities related to different topics such as: parts of house, present continuous, simple present, wh questions because this was a reviewing class, the following week they had a test related to those topics.<br /> In that time I placed the camera behind the class on a chest, so it was a better place than on the desk. Then, in this time the camera recorded all the bodies.<br /> Regarding to the class, some students always miss to the class so the class is often incomplete or students arrive late.<br /> I like so much this class because all the students show a great interest to English. Then, they do everything that teacher asks and the class management becomes in an easy issue because they help to have a good class environment.<br /> Also, I like this class because my mentor treats me like a teacher and she trusts in me, so she gives me enough time to give a class and I am practicing a lot in this class.<br />