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Smei vancouver real world presentation

  1. 1. Connect Yourself – from the ―Digital World‖ to the ―Real World of Business Relationships‖ January 19, 2012  Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver
  2. 2. Marketing ―You‖ – Digital vs. Real 1. Your Brand = Your Success 2. Leveraging the Power of One 3. Fear of Success?
  3. 3. Social Media –Your Friend• Creates new connections/enables leveraging existing relationships• Creates a level playing field – all can play• Connect in real time• State your opinion & viewpoint unhindered• A game changer – new opportunities and realities
  4. 4. Social Media - Your Foe• Can become a barrier to genuine human connection• Can create an ―mask‖ behind which people hide and make claims, assertions and assume rights and privileges• Enables personal ―Shadow Branding‖
  5. 5. People Lie More In Emails Than Face to FaceWhen getting to know new people, about 70% of people lieabout things ranging from their feelings to theirachievements... deception is higher over email than in face-to-face meetings.In a study of undergraduates 15-minute conversations withsame-sex individuals, those using email had 5 times morelies per word communicated than those speaking face toface. Lying appears to be more common when thecommunicator is psychologically and physically distant fromthe person receiving the message. - Mattitiyahu Zimbler and Robert S. Feldman of the University of Massachusetts.
  6. 6. Remember…• Relationship are personal• Trust is built over time• ―Communication‖ is critical: • Verbal • Non – Verbal • Personality • Intuition
  7. 7. Defining Your Market Position + Brand Competitive Pressure HIGH LOW IV Strategic III Partner Preferred II Supplier Value Added I Services Commodity Perception of You SELLER SOLUTION PROVIDER
  8. 8. Start with WHY 1. Know your “Why” Do you have a compelling and inspiring answer to the question: ―Why should I deal with you?‖ Most people don’t! 2. What are you passionate about? Work for free if you had to. 3. Play to your Strengths Know what you are good at and leverage it.
  9. 9. What is your Why? WHY? (Your Vision) • Purpose/Belief/Values • Why do you what you do HOW? (Your Mission) • What differentiates you • Your passion/commitment/standards WHAT? (Your Values) • Your knowledge, approach/philosophy, experience, successes, • Your USP/UVP – (Unique Selling/Value Proposition) – Adapted – Simon Sinek, Start With Why
  10. 10. Your ―Why‖ Determines Your Marketing Plan• Brand Positioning• Selling• Advertising• Public Relations• Publicity• Sales Promotion
  11. 11. The Value of Your Personal Brand• What You Do Reveals Who You Are – My brand represents… – Compelling reason for dealing with me is… – My values and principles are… – Product strengths are… – My value proposition is…
  12. 12. Be Real and Connect Your Message Must Connect With: 1 Head Logic 2 Heart Emotion 3 Gut Desire
  13. 13. Key Factors for Connecting With your Market• Geography — Where are your customers?• Demographics — Who are they?• Psychographics — Their “soft” characteristics: values, attitudes, interests and lifestyle choices.• Transactional — How do they like to do business with you?
  14. 14. The Power of OnePositioning your brand to stand out!
  15. 15. Defining Your Market Position + Brand Competitive Pressure HIGH LOW IV Strategic III Partner Preferred II Supplier Value Added I Services Commodity Perception of You SELLER SOLUTION PROVIDER
  16. 16. Your Brand – Competitive?
  17. 17. Your Brand – Distinct?
  18. 18. Your Brand – Breakthrough?
  19. 19. Brand Definition• A brand is a name, sign, symbol, slogan or anything that is used to identify and distinguish a specific product, service, or business. A legally protected brand name is called a proprietary name. – Source: Wikipedia
  20. 20. Perception – Real or Deceived? "The first rule of sales and marketing is not "You are who you are." It is "You are who you appear to be.“ Harry Beckwith, You Inc.
  21. 21. What does your brand communicate?
  22. 22. Your ―Virtual‖ Brand • YouTube • Facebook • Twitter • LinkedIn • Blogs
  23. 23. Your ―Real‖ Brand• Is your brand: – Strong – Neutral – Weak – Don’t know?
  24. 24. Personal Branding • Personal branding is more than self-promotion. To build a successful personal brand you must be self-aware and honest with yourself. • Define what you stand for and can offer in order to clearly communicate your value.
  25. 25. Personal Branding Conduct a self assessment to identify who and what you are. Determine what your strongest attributes and qualities are. Character is a critical component in becoming a brand that can be trusted and highly valued.
  26. 26. Brand Expectations "A great brand raises the bar - it adds a greater sense of purpose to the experience, whether its the challenge to do your best in sports and fitness, or the affirmation that the cup of coffee youre drinking really matters.― - Howard Schultz (President, CEO, and Chairman of Starbucks)
  27. 27. Play To Your Strengths  Strengths Finder 2.0  Most people compensate for weaknesses  Few people leverage their strengths  Consistently perform with excellence  Respond instinctively  Naturally think, feel and behave  Make it look ―easy‖
  28. 28. Play To Your Strengths
  29. 29. Make Your Move!!
  30. 30. Key Factors to Differentiate Yourself 1. Your Attitude 2. Your Perception 3. Your Knowledge 4. Your Motivation 5. Your Commitment
  31. 31. What are your FAB’s?Features: Characteristics, attributes and abilities.Advantages: Advantage of your features.Benefits: Benefits of your features & advantages.• What are your "products" greatest assets?• What am I willing to talk to anyone about?• What areas require improvement?• What should be dropped?• What am I ignoring?• What am I afraid of?
  32. 32. Exercise: You as a Cereal Box
  33. 33. Do you have the ―Fear of Success‖?You’ve reached yourgoal, do you have thegumption to maintain it ordo you sabotage your ownsuccess?
  34. 34. Defining Your Market Position + Brand Competitive Pressure HIGH LOW IV Strategic III Partner Preferred II Supplier Value Added I Services Commodity Perception of You SELLER SOLUTION PROVIDER
  35. 35. Not As Advertised??
  36. 36. "Prospects donot buy howgood you are atwhat you do.They buy howgood you are atwho you are."- Harry Beckwith
  37. 37. The Largest Limiting Factor: FEAR"Think of yourself on the threshold of unparalleledsuccess. A whole, clear, glorious life lies beforeyou. Achieve! Achieve!“ - Andrew Carnegie
  38. 38. Fear: What is it?Fear is something that each of us deals with on adaily basis. We all have fears that relate to ourfamily, our health, our job, our future and everyarea of our life. We must overcome these fears, orat the very least not let them hinder our ability torealize our full potential.
  39. 39. FEARFalseExpectationsAppearingReal90% of all the things we fear will not happen to usand the remaining 10% are beyond our control.Susan Jeffers - Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway
  40. 40. Fear: What is it?• When you let fear and the accompanying stresscontrol your thinking, you become afraid of tryingsomething new or taking risks. Many peoplesabotage their own success because of perceivedweaknesses or inabilities.• When we are worried or afraid of a situation orevent, we concentrate on the problem or weaknessto the point where we are unable to look forsolutions or options.
  41. 41. Overcoming FEAR
  42. 42. Brand Building BarriersFEAR of: – Failure – Success
  43. 43. Defining Your Market Position + Brand Competitive Pressure HIGH LOW IV Strategic III Partner Preferred II Supplier Value Added I Services Commodity Perception of You SELLER SOLUTION PROVIDER
  44. 44. Your Brand: What’s next??
  45. 45. visit
  46. 46. Contact RalphKison Inc.Airport Executive Park, Suite 35, 10551 Shellbridge WayRichmond, British Columbia Canada V6X 2W9t: 604.284.5133  e: ralph@kison.comOn the web: 