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Strategy Walmart Industry Lance Kawamoto (1)


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Strategy Walmart Industry Lance Kawamoto (1)

  1. 1. Walmart, Travel Agency and Publishing Industry Analysis Lance Kawamoto MBAM 619
  2. 2. 4521 45211 452110 4521101 4521102 4521103 452 44-45 Retail Trade General Merchandise Stores Department Stores Department Stores Department Stores Conventional Dept. Stores Discount or Mass Merchants National Chain Dept. Stores Walmart NAICS Chart
  3. 3. Growth Profit 2007 Retailers World Wide High growth / High Profit High growth / Neg Profit Neg growth / Neg Profit Neg growth / High Profit Discount Retail $239 Billion 3.3% Revenue Growth 10.3% Profit Growth Publishing $32 Billion .7% Revenue Growth -4% Profit Growth Travel Agency $9 Billion -% Revenue Growth -% Profit Growth
  4. 4. Growth Profit TESCO $95 Billion 12.4% growth 12% profit Metro $88 Billion 4.6% 100% Carrefour $112 Billion 3.6% growth 59.9% Profit Kroger Co. $70 Billion 6.3% growth 16% profit Target $63 Billion 6.3% 15.7% CostCo $63 Billion 6.3% growth 3.8% profit 2007 Retailers World Wide Wal-Mart $374 Billion 10.3% growth 9% profit
  5. 5. Travel Agent Industry The Travel Agent Industry has been in a steady decline since the advent of online ticket sales. Since 1997, Sales of Online travel tickets and accommodations has eroded traditional channels of ticket distribution. Over the coming years, the Travel Agency Industry is expected to shrink as the ticket distribution channel continues to dis-intermediate.
  6. 6. Travel Agent Industry Unlike the Travel Agent Industry, the CRS’s adapted to the new distribution paradigm. CRS’s at first thrived by being the primary electronic intermediary between the airlines and Travel Agency’s. The rise of the internet and online ticket booking forced CRS’s to shift their strategy from being middlemen to becoming the information technology backbone of the airline industry.
  7. 7. Growth Time Discount Retailers Publishing / Print Travel Agencies Life Cycle Chart Growth for Discount retailers is fueled by expansion into international markets. Profits and growth in the print industry is quickly being eroded by free online content. Travel Agencies were replace by internet sales distribution channels and savvy consumers.