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WA Week 2014 - WA Towns Class Project.ppt

  1. 1. WATTLE GROVE PRIMARY SCHOOL WA TOWNS FOR WA DAY WATTLE GROVE PRIMARY SCHOOL WA TOWNS FOR WA DAY Photos from some classes on their WA Day, WA Towns Room 15 visiting Room 10 to find out all about Harvey, home of Harvey Fresh milk and juices and May Gibbs, writer of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie Books .
  2. 2. Room 22 did Fremantle and some of the students are seen here presenting information on Fremantle Prison.
  3. 3. Storeroom set up as Fremantle Markets with Mr Sherlock trying on some Dockers gear... Nice change after all that Red and Black stuff!!
  4. 4. Fremantle Markets stall holders Mikayla and Deckard
  5. 5. Room 21 looking at Room 23’s Powerpoint on Halls Creek
  6. 6. Some Aboriginal dot painting done by Room 23 students
  7. 7. Room 21 looking at Compare and Contrast information on Wattle Grove and Halls Creek
  8. 8. Room 16 had lots of interesting facts on Marble Bar, the hottest place in WA
  9. 9. Room 17 students visiting Room 16 to find out about Marble Bar
  10. 10. Room 6 students visiting Room 18 to find out about Margaret River
  11. 11. Room 18 students took turns to inform the visitors of some of the facts about Margaret River. Laura is taking her turn.
  12. 12. Room 15 students informing Room 9 and 13 students all about Albany and the whaling industry that used to operate there.
  13. 13. Room 9 students with all their work on Busselton in the South West.
  14. 14. Cathy and Madison presenting some facts about Busselton to Room 15 students.
  15. 15. Owen was very proud of his diorama on Busselton.
  16. 16. The Year Ones in Room 13 did lots of research on Meckering.
  17. 17. The Year Ones in Room 7 did Bussleton and colourful paintings of the old Busselton Jetty .
  18. 18. In Room 6, they learnt lots about the history of York. They are hoping to do an excursion there to find out more…
  19. 19. Room 14 had fun finding out all about Broome up in the north of the state.
  20. 20. THE END