Day 5 Wattle Grove Primary School - Year 7 Kalgoorlie Camp 2013


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Day 5 Wattle Grove Primary School - Year 7 Kalgoorlie Camp 2013

  1. 1. DAY FIVE • Karkula Bushland Park • Hammond Park - Lunch • Trip Home Wattle Grove Primary School Wattle Grove Primary School 2013 YEAR 7 CAMP 2013 YEAR 7 CAMP TO KALGOORLIE TO KALGOORLIE
  2. 2. Having a tour of the park, which turned out to be very informative and interesting…
  3. 3. Tasting some of the plants the aboriginals eat as part of their bush tucker…
  4. 4. If you are wondering why all the trees around Kalgoorlie are all about the same height, it’s because they are all about the same age, 40 to 45 years old. This is because they are part of the regrowth from the 60’s and 70’s, when their was an effort to re-establish the trees after that were all cut down within 100 miles of Kalgoorlie, to power the plant required for the gold mining industry. The dust storms resulting from the lack of trees was affecting the health of the people living in the area and so a concerted effort was made to re-establish the trees. The ones you see today are those trees.
  5. 5. Looking at the different plants and the seeds they produce… Karkula Park has a nursery and they harvest and sell the seed, some worth as much as $1800 a kilo.
  6. 6. Here you can see a bed of seeds under this plant…some plants produce something like 10 million seeds and out of that only one might germinate.
  7. 7. It is a nice walk around the park…with a lookout at the highest point allowing you the see for kilometres, although there is not a lot to see out there…
  8. 8. A eucalypt heavy with seed
  9. 9. Waiting for the other group to finish their tour…while in the park the students got to plant some seedlings also to contribute to the look of the park and the regrowth…
  10. 10. Using the time to find Qandong Nuts to crack and eat…similar taste to an almond… The students were shown how to crack them with a couple of rocks, but you had to be careful not to crush the nut totally…
  11. 11. HAMMOND PARK FOR LUNCH… We had packed lunches from the Camp School and Hammond Park was a lovely green place to go…with some interesting gazebos to eat under, animals, playgrounds and bridges over a watercourse.
  12. 12. The boys couldn’t resist this climbing challenge...
  13. 13. The girls had fun spinning each other on this chair…
  14. 14. A modern style of swing…
  15. 15. Need to watch some of the boys who want to take things to the extreme…
  16. 16. Some of the emus, kangaroos and birds at the park…
  17. 17. This guy wants my apple…
  18. 18. On the train again…this time for the trip home…technology keeps the students entertained, not a lot to see outside.
  19. 19. Brief stopover in Merriden…
  20. 20. That is the end everyone… Well not quite, we arrived back on time at 9.45pm…and were happy to hand the students over to their parents. We all agreed the kids had been great and it had been a terrific camp… An especially BIG thank you to Raylene, Sharon and all the staff at Kalgoorlie Camp School.