Xbox kinect pet 673 pe geek


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Xbox kinect pet 673 pe geek

  1. 1. Xbox KinectXbox Kinect By: Stephen DiPaoloBy: Stephen DiPaolo
  2. 2. What Is The Xbox Kinect?What Is The Xbox Kinect? • It is a motion sensing input device and controller free gaming and entertaining system. • It was created by Microsoft that can be used for the Xbox 360 console and Windows PCs. • Not your everyday sit down and hold a remote type of system!
  3. 3. How Does This System Work?How Does This System Work? • Through the motion sensor bar, it will pick up and track your entire body. This means your head, arms, legs, waist, knees. You will use everything, not just your hands! • The console will also recognize your voice and face through the collection of personal data. • The sensor should be placed in a safe area that is 2-6 feet from the floor. • Make sure you have plenty of room to play, the sensor will pick your body up as long as your in a 6-8 foot range.
  4. 4. Types of GamesTypes of Games • The Kinect has a wide variety of games. • There are Sports, Action Adventure, Fitness, Dance/Music, and Family. • All are unique and provide different methods of movement to complete.
  5. 5. How Much Does It Cost?How Much Does It Cost? • It depends on if the product was used already or brand new. • An already used console can be seen as low as $75 - $100. • A brand new unopened box can be bought from $200 - $300. New consoles will come with a game and controller when bought with an Xbox 360.
  6. 6. Where Can I Get One?Where Can I Get One? • You can buy an Xbox Kinect practically anywhere that will sell electronics and games. • Some places are: WalMart, Best Buy, Target, Microsoft Stores, Game Stop, K- Mart, Amazon, Toy R Us, and Costco. • If you do your homework, you can find a system at the right price at the right place!
  7. 7. Advantages Having The KinectAdvantages Having The Kinect • Keeps your entire body moving to increase heart rate. • Not your typical game console of sitting around. You are physically involved in game itself. • Can be used competitively with peers and family members. • FUN!!
  8. 8. LimitationsLimitations • The cost of the console and games are expensive. • You need an adequate amount of space to be safe and comfortable.
  9. 9. How Can We Use in PE Class?How Can We Use in PE Class? • Can be contributed to a Fitness and Dance unit. • Some games can help with increasing physical fitness and awareness. • Used as a reward system for great behavior. • Breaks away from learning about sports skills/games and gives a technological aspect.
  10. 10. ACTIVITY!ACTIVITY! • Console 1 will have Just Dance 3. • Console 2 will have Kinect Adventures. Name: Just Dance 3 Trial 1 Trial 2 Class: Adventures Game Adventures Game Write your final score after each activity you complete on the index card! Hand your card into your teacher at the end of class.  Adventures Game