Numerology - Compatibility for Love and Sex


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What is numerology? The science of numbers which influence every aspect of your life. Get your free numerology reading;

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Numerology - Compatibility for Love and Sex

  1. 1. ==== ====Get Your FREE Numerology Reading Here: ====Like many others, several decades ago, I was attracted to many of the metaphysical sciences andespecially numerology.Though numerology is probably the least known or understood of the metaphysical sciences it iscurrently enjoying a massive revival. Is this revival due to the current global issues our society isconfronted with, and can numerology assist in fixing the issues many are feeling threatened by?In the very basic of terms numerology is formulated on the idea that everything in the universe ismade up of and is affected by numbers. Numerology has been well documented through the eonsof civilization and it is now believed that Numerology is probably the oldest science known to man.In early Hebrew history the interpretation of numbers was considered highly important. Letters ofthe Hebrew alphabet was based on numbers. It was said that the relationship of the letter and thenumber were both interconnected with the cosmic forces. Later during the Middle Ages anumerical mysticism evolved from the teachings of Merkabah which was a sect of Judaism. Thenin the 13th century the German Kabbalists developed Gematria, a mystic numerical interpretationof the Scriptures.Evidence also exists regarding the use of numerology thousands of years ago in China, Rome,Japan and Greece. The ancient Greeks have given us a myriad of technological and scientific datathat becomes even more relevant as time advances and it is the Greek philosopher Pythagoraswith whom we credit for the modern day versions of Numerology. It is very true that Pythagorasdid not invent numerology however it was his theories that took numerology to a different level.Hence the reason as to why Pythagoras is credited with being the father of numerology.From the beginning of the twentieth century several mystics and authors have added theirinterpretation to form what we have today as modern numerology.None of this answers the question though - "Does it really work?"Over these past two decades I have immersed myself in learning what I can in regards to thenumbers and how they can affect, influence or assist me in manipulating my every day life.I used to spend hours wandering through hundreds of Healing Fairs, being engrossed with thevarious stalls. I have spent hours watching with great anticipation while people handed over theirhard earned cash for tarot card readings, astrology charts and the like.I used to think that just maybe there was something in what many of my friends thought was just alot of mumbo jumbo.
  2. 2. On one of those many occasions I saw one guy who was doing numerology readings from his laptop. We got chatting and it wasnt long before I had invested in my very own computer numerologyprogram. Now I had already spent hours researching my name, my date of birth, where I lived viawhat I love to call my numerology bible.You might ask, why, for what reason did you want to compare the two different systems ofnumerology. Well my friend my aim was to prove that my so called bible and this computerprogram would produce different sets of information.For the first sixth months I had immense fun keying in everything I possible could, each timebecoming more and more impressed with the information that I produced.No, I could not prove that either was wrong, the information was the same and oh so accurate.You might also ask - why is this so? Easy, you see, numbers affect our every day existencebecause based on name at birth and the date of birth the entire information about ones life isreadily available. Things can change in ones life, yet one thing is constant, the date of ones birth.Over the years the more I study numerology, the more I begin to understand how very substantialreadings are. You see your name does literally contain a powerhouse of vital information aboutyour life, your potential and your future. Numerology is a language that allows you to expand thehorizon of your spiritual awareness. It opens doors in your psyche that perhaps at this time you donot even know exist.Remember you are living in a society where no matter what type of job you have, at some stageyou have to deal with others. The others could be your boss, your friends, your colleagues, otherworkers, government officials, your partners, business associates, and your family. The list isendless. You may find that dealing with some people is easy and with others it is difficult. Youhave to treat or deal with everyone and every situation differently so as to reach what we all call acomfort level otherwise the relationship can be a disaster. No matter what your reason for trying tomake an impact on someone, numerology can go a long way towards assisting you in figuring outwhat makes someone lean in your favor. Consulting the numbers does really work.I have seen how businesses can work effectively with numerology. Choosing a business name isone of the most important aspects in starting a business. The name that is chosen will representthe image and label of your business and this is an image that must be clearly conveyed to yourimpending customers. A business name carries a powerful energy that can create great success!Yet it can also be the cause behind a constant struggle with middle-of-the-road performance. Sowhether you are starting a new company or have an established enterprise, you should really usethe numbers to make your business strong and eliminate the areas that may cause disharmony.Yes numerology does really work. By using numerology in your daily life you can overcome manyof the obstacles that just seem to pop up in what you might refer to as a precise and calculatedway. Discover simple and quick ways to maximize your energy and reduce your stress! You willlearn some really amazing details about your physical, mental, emotional, and intuitive abilities!Why not discover which of these are the strongest and weakest and what they can accomplish foryou! Uncover those secrets of your personality, secrets that sometimes even you do notunderstand fully!
  3. 3. Why does numerology really work? Again the answer is simple - Numerology is a very old andpowerful science. It has been developed, improved and enhanced for over 4,000 years by some ofthe greatest minds and mathematicians in the world and because of all the recent advancementsin both mathematics and numerology, readings and calculations can now be done for you thatwere not possible before. If this article has whet your appetite to learn just a little more about yourself, then why notdiscover the power of numerology yourself online. Why not get a FREE reading based your Nameand Date of Birth and decide for yourself.Article Source: ====Get Your FREE Numerology Reading Here: ====