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Genius - More About How The Way The Brain Works


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How To Become A Genius... Imagine for a second what you could do with a dramatic boost in intelligence and brain power. Who could you impress? Where could you get ahead? What kind of confidence would you unlock? What could you achieve that you always wanted to?

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Genius - More About How The Way The Brain Works

  1. 1. ==== ====Learn How You To Can Become A Genius: ====To understand the workings of the mind of a genius we first need to find something we cancompare it to. Without that ability, it would become too complex and complicated to explain howthe mind works, let alone the Genius Mind. The best thing that we commonly use that fits that billis the computer. Dont worry if you dont know a lot about the workings of a computer, we onlyneed to use the common elements.Much like a computer the mind itself is made up of five main pieces:The Conscious Mind - The Desktop (what you see on the monitor)The Unconscious Mind - The Physical Computer Itself (hard drive, etc.)The Processing Ability - The Processor inside the ComputerCapability / Capacity - The Memory (RAM) Of The ComputerInterface - The Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor Itself, Etc.To understand these pieces in more detail; The Conscious Mind governs all the things we arethinking and feeling at any given moment. The thoughts we think, the things we feel, and thethings were actively thinking about are all happening withing the Conscious Mind. Where this getstricky is that we commonly confuse the things we "dont want to see or accept" as being"unconscious". However, these things are governed by the Conscious Mind and require just asmuch of our minds resources as any other thought or feeling.The Unconscious Mind controls everything else that happens within the brain. It controls our bodytemperature, hormone levels, enzyme production, etc., etc., etc. Everything that happens insidethe body that we arent aware of happening, happens inside the Unconscious Mind. This alsoincludes all the information and memories weve gathered throughout our life. The UnconsciousMind analyzes it, defines it, interprets it, files it away, and sends it to the Conscious Mind whenrequired.The bridge between the Conscious Mind and the Unconscious Mind is the Interface. Its thechannel that all the information, memories, ideas, etc., travel through in order to becomeconscious thoughts, feelings, or emotions. Without there being some outside stimulus from theConscious Mind to trigger these events, the Unconscious Mind has no reason to send them to theConscious Mind. There is only one situation that the Unconscious Mind will send something to theConscious Mind without a direct prompt - when things dont add up or new information is needed.If we dont fully understand something then the mind cant fully process it. It cant define it, interpretit, etc., so it sends a response to the Conscious Mind that more input is needed. A perfect exampleof this is when were trying to sleep and an idea pops into our heads that we cant get rid of untilwe do something. This the minds way of getting us to go look something up, write it down so well
  2. 2. remember it later, or whatever else needs to happen.It does happen that the Unconscious Mind will also do this in order to prevent problems in our life.If we have a meeting next week, it can send multiple signals to the Conscious Mind to make surewe dont forget about it. This happens, not because our Unconscious Mind cant deal with it, butbecause the Conscious Mind keeps sending input to the Unconscious Mind about making sure itisnt forgotten. Even though we dont feel the Conscious Mind at work, that is whats prompting theurgency of the situation.The Processing Ability directly connects to the amount of information the mind can handle,combined with the speed it can deal with it. This is used mainly by the Unconscious Mind to sorteverything out and to understand it. This is the first place that a Genius Mind becomes differentfrom a Normal Mind. Each one of us has our own unique ability to process things. The GeniusMind simply can handle more at once and process it faster. Either way, the same end resultsbasically occur - the Genius Mind simply gets it done quicker.The minds Capacity is used both by the Unconscious and Conscious Minds. It has a direct impacton how much the Unconscious Mind can deal with at any one time (as we just talked about).However, it also governs how many things the Conscious Mind can deal with too. Unlike theUnconscious Mind, Capacity in the Conscious Mind is more about how many things you can think,feel, or do at any one time. Someone who cant walk and chew gum, as it were, would have verylittle capacity. Someone who can think a hundred conscious thoughts at once, has high capacity.Like Processing Power, the Genius Mind also has more Capacity than that of the Normal Mind.However, its important to mention that Capacity also covers our ability to hide things fromourselves. If theres fifty things we want to hide and we can only deal with fifty things, we thenhave no capacity to deal with anything else that happens. This is important because we waste avast amount of our Capacity because of our issues, fears, and insecurities.Because the Genius Mind can deal with more things at once, and deal with them faster, it can dothings the Normal Mind cant. The most common being the primary thing that separated Geniusesfrom everyone else - the ability to see things others dont. Because the Genius Mind can processthings faster, it has more time and ability to look at other things happening around us that so-called "normal" people just dont have time to look at.This isnt to say that a Genius Mind is superior to a Normal one. The ability to process all of thatextra information comes with a price - it separates Geniuses from everyone else. BecauseGeniuses can see the price we pay for playing the games we play, they often choose not to playthem. This often makes those people who are playing the games uneasy. That alone can build awedge between the Genius and those around them. Its this situation that also leads to thecommon idea that Geniuses are also anti-social.While the Genius may be able to do more things at once, and deal with them faster, it doesntmake them better than anyone else - merely different. Imagine for a second what you could dowith a dramatic boost in intelligence and brain power. Who could you impress? Where could youget ahead? What kind of confidence would you unlock? What could you achieve that you alwayswanted to? Seem too good to be true? Check it out and read the success stories. Youll see a lotof skeptics whove become evangelists for this man.
  3. 3. Article Source: ====Learn How You To Can Become A Genius: ====