Unit 22 brief 01


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Unit 22 brief 01

  1. 1. Name: Unit 22 Assignment No: 1/2 (Task 3 cross referenced for Unit 1)EDEXCEL SUBSIDIARY DIPLOMA IN CREATIVE MEDIA PRODUCTION(Film and Television)Unit 22: Single Camera TechniquesTitle: Features of single camera productionIssue Date: See assessment calendarSubmission Date: See assessment calendarSubject Teacher: Andrew BirtwellUnit Learning Outcomes - On completion of this assignment learners should:Outcomes 1 Understand the features of single camera production Unit 22 2 Be able to plan a single camera production Unit 1 1 Be able to prepare pre-production documentation for a specific media productionGrading Criteria AchievedUnit 22P1, M1, D1,P2, M2, D2Unit 1P2, M2, D2Authenticity StatementI confirm that this is entirely my own work. It has not been copied from otherlearners, websites, textbooks, journals or other sources. I understand that gradesare finalised after marking and verification.Learner’s Signature __________________________________________________IV InitialIV Date
  2. 2. EDEXCEL SUBSIDIARY DIPLOMA IN CREATIVE MEDIA PRODUCTION (Film and Television)Unit 22Understand the features of single camera productionFormats: eg series, serial, single drama; genre, eg period, dramadoc, crime, soapopera, comedyNarrative structures: eg linear (or sequential), non-linear (or non-sequential),flashback, realist, anti-realist; endings, eg open, closedTechnical: camera; lighting; sound; editing; scripting; building a scene; building astoryContext:Single camera film and television production is a difficult and time consumingprocess. In order to successfully tell a story and create drama and emotionalresponse for the audience involves a wide variety of techniques which mustseamlessly work together. This unit is asking you to demonstrate your knowledge ofthese various techniques and then plan a film production and apply your knowledgeand skill by producing a short film.In order to demonstrate your understanding of film and television productiontechniques, your first evidence for assessment will involve researching and analysingexisting film and television texts and exploring various elements such ascinematography, editing, lighting and sound techniques as well as genericconventions and narrative structures.Task 1: Film and Television Formats ResearchProduce detailed and illustrated research into the following aspects of film andtelevision production. Each point must contain at least one example. • Single Camera Production • Multi camera production • Series Formant • Serial Format • Single drama • Film and television genres and sub genresTo achieve a distinction your research must use a wide range of precisely focusedexamples to comprehensively explain the formats. Technical vocabulary will be usedcorrectly and confidently at all times. All sources used should be referenced.Submit this research by: ___________________This provides evidence for P1, M1 and D1.
  3. 3. Task 2: TV Drama AnalysisSelect three TV Dramas, each of a different format (Series, Serial and Single drama)and analyse the opening 5 minutes and discuss how they have been constructed inorder to appeal to and entertain a specific target audience. Your analysis shouldfocus on the following aspects: • Narrative structure and devices • Genre • Technical elements (camera, editing, lighting, sound, mise en scene)In your analysis, remember to comprehensively explain the features of single cameraproduction with reference to a variety of focused and detailed examples and usesubject terminology correctly at all times.Submit this analysis by:_____________________This provides evidence for P1, M1 and D1.Task 1 & 2 must be completed to achieve P1 M1 D1Task 3: Opening sequence storyboardIn order to demonstrate your understanding of how technical aspects of film andtelevision production can manipulate audiences and create specific mood andemotion you will storyboard the opening scene of a feature length film.Using websites such as simplyscripts.com you will download the screenplay of anexisting film and storyboard the opening 2-3 minutes. Your storyboard must featureall relevant features including: • Camera directions • Sound effects • Music • Lighting • Editing transitions • Shot duration • A visual rendering of the scene • Mise en sceneSubmit this storyboard by: ______________________________This provides evidence for P2, M2, D2 for Unit 22 and Unit 1Before you begin the tasks, please read the assessment and grading criteria belowto identify how to attain a distinction grade in your work:
  4. 4. Unit 22: Single Camera TechniquesUnit 1: Pre-Production Techniques for Creative Media IndustriesSuggested ReadingBooksBaylis P, Freedman A, Procter N et al – BTEC Level 3 National Creative MediaProduction, Student Book(Pearson, 2010) ISBN 978-1846906725Evans R – Practical DV Film Making, 2nd Edition (Focal Press, 2005) ISBN 978-0240807386Figgis M – Digital Film Making (Faber, 2007) ISBN 978-0571226252Websiteswww.simplyscripts.comwww.primary-film-focus.co.uk/filmpreproduction.htmlwww.bbc.co.uk/dna/filmnetwork/Filmmakingguide
  5. 5. http://www.cybercollege.com/tvp062.htm