Teen violence


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Teen violence

  1. 1. Teen ViolenceThe Representation of an Issue in the Media
  2. 2. Case Studies• Attack the Block• Kidulthood• Harry Brown• The Student Protests• The Uk Riots
  3. 3. Daily Telegraph• In spite of new legislation and knife amnesties in the past, knife crime is still increasing. According to a Metropolitan Police Authority report there are about 171 violent teen gangs, at least three of which are all-girl, in London alone.• In the 10 years that Labour has been in power, the number of knife crimes has risen sharply. In 1997, when Tony Blair was elected, there were 67 knife-point muggings each day. Last year, that figure had increased to 115.• And, while a knife amnesty last year netted 90,000 weapons, that is estimated by police to be just a tiny percentage of the total used for violent acts.
  4. 4. British Crime Survey• Three years ago, a British Crime Survey found that 60,000 11- to 16-year- olds carried knives habitually. And even if many said they did it merely to look "cool", to be "tooled up" is common among the young.• The Home Office has no figures for the number of teenagers who are in jail as murder suspects, but research by Kings College London indicates that at least 15 murder and attempted murder suspects, aged 18 or under, are being held after being charged in the past six months.• Frighteningly, 69 teenagers were shot dead in 2006, almost double the 35 killed by guns in 1997.• Four years ago, 31 youths under 20 were charged with gun-related murder in London. Interim figures for this year show that this has already risen to 76.
  5. 5. • The reasons for the rapid rise in teen crime appear to be many and varied. According to Alan Gordon, the vice-president of the Police Federation, attitudes towards violence and death have changed enormously in the past few decades.• "The truth is that young people have scant regard for human life," he says. They are fed a diet of increasingly violent films and video games, he adds.• One reason for the increase in female violence, says Rita Cunningham, the author of Girl Killers, is the increasing violence in films. "So-called heroines, such as Lara Croft and the Kill Bill films glamorise violence, make it a girl thing," she says. "Young women are just as impressionable as young men." The ready availability of guns and drugs, such as crack and cocaine, on Britains streets, helped by the arrival of gangs from Eastern Europe, is another factor in our spiral of escalating violence.
  6. 6. The Guardian• A culture of greed and rudeness among adults is contributing to the epidemic of knife and gun violence among teenagers, according to the governments behaviour adviser.• Sir Alan Steer, a head teacher and the head of a major government review of school behaviour policies due to report on Monday, said parents must take more responsibility for tackling violence among their teenage children.• He defended schools, which he said were regularly blamed for childrens poor behaviour when they are often the only place where young people from violent communities feel safe.
  7. 7. • On Monday, Steer will set out a series of proposals designed to put new pressure on parents to tackle their childrens unruly behaviour in school, while giving them more direct contact with teachers via email and online reporting systems.• In an interview with the Guardian ahead of his report, he said that the recent killings of teenagers on Londons streets was "heartbreaking".• “We live in a greedy culture, we are rude to each other in the street. Children follow that. You wonder what has gone wrong in these childrens lives. Of course the kids have a responsibility, but there are questions about whats going on at home. Parents have a huge responsibility. Government doesnt bring up children, parents do."
  8. 8. The reasons…• The news , government reports and experts have stated many reasons for the rise in teen violence in the UK…• Violent films and computer games• Schools not tackling bad behaviour• Parents not tackling the bad behaviour of their children• Parents and adults setting a bad example for teenagers• Broken homes – single parent families• Poverty and unemployment- lack of opportunities• Policing methods• Poor relationships with authority such as the police etc…
  9. 9. The Problem• However the problem with this representation is that this is becoming the dominant representation of teenagers when in reality this is not a true representation of this social group…• The ‘Teen as Trouble’ stereotype• The Teen gangster stereotype