Representation and Ideology


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She's so lovely - Jayne and Daisy.

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Representation and Ideology

  1. 1. Representation & Ideologies<br />She’s so Lovely – Scouting for Girls<br />Jayne & Daisy<br />
  2. 2. Scouting for girls: Band stereotypes<br />The band are represented as ‘boy next door’ types. <br />This is obvious in their costume (casual jeans, checks, jumpers.) <br />The lyrics indicate their ‘normality’ and the use of the word “lovely” remind the audience of this, as appose to more objective words to describe women. <br />A two medium shot is shown of the lead band member and an extra, the facial expressions and actions connote as humour and indicates the main band members attraction to the old woman.<br />A three long shot of the band is shown throughout the video, as we see the other two band members in the video as his friends it shows their friendship and how this is beneficial to them as individuals.<br />
  3. 3. Sleazy older guy: Stereotype<br />Wears darker colourssuch as black, connoting a darker nature. <br />Slimy hair and chewing on a toothpick means his overall appearance is unpleasant and generally sleazy.<br />His actions, such as glaring at band members while kissing his girlfriend, and slapping her bum show his disrespect for her and other people. <br />A close up shot of him chatting up another women also shows how he doesn’t treat women with respect or care about how that would make her feel. <br />
  4. 4. Older woman: stereotype<br />Close up shots of her legs shows objectification, while the red heels connotes love, passion, temptation etc. <br />There are also several close up shots of her smiling or looking at the main band member suggestively. <br />Leaving with the younger band member at the end of the video, conforming with the stereotype. <br />
  5. 5. Male Gender Representation<br />There are two types of male representations, at shown on previous slides. <br />The dominant representation is the ‘boy next door’ as they take the form of the band, who is the main focus. They also present a positive representation of males because they are not as objectifying as the other male towards women and seem to value them more, saying to her “You are beautiful” in the lyrics. Close ups of their faces allow the audience to connect to them and for them to become more likeable due to this representation. <br />
  6. 6. Female gender representation <br />The main female character embodies the stereotype of the older female which is obvious through the lyrics. <br />The image of all females is quite old fashioned, 1960’s style dresses. This contrasts with the costume given to the older woman, main female, in the video, as she just wears denim long shorts and a polo t-shirt. <br />The male gaze is present at the beginning and through the middle of this music video; we receive close ups of the older woman’s legs and rear end, thus objectifying her. However to counteract this, there are frequent close ups of her face.<br />
  7. 7. Challenging or conforming to stereotypes?<br />The stereotype of the boy next door is conformed throughout this video, this is shown through the character, the lead singer in the band, getting the girl in the end. This conforms because we always want to see good triumph over evil.<br />The stereotype of the old sleazy guy is clearly conformed, this is shown through costume (dark colours connoting evil) and props (the toothpick) along with character behaviour. This stereotype is conformed because we always want to see the bad guy lose.<br />The older woman stereotype is partly conformed in appearance of the character and behaviour however it is partly challenged as, at the end of the video, we see her leave the old sleazy guy for the boy next door stereotype because he is a lot nicer and kinder to her, than the old sleazy guy. So she’s not just using him.<br />
  8. 8. Ideology’s <br />The basic ideology’s present in the video are: Love conquers all and the bad guy always loses.<br />The two dominant ideology’s are conformed in order to please the audience and give them what they expect.<br />Since this video is not controversial or shocking very few alternate ideology’s are present and the dominant one’s are prominent.<br />This video does not show alternative ideology’s because you wouldn’t expect it in most mainstream pop music videos.<br />