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  1. 1. Questionnaire ResultsDaisy and Jayne
  2. 2. Question OneDo you watch music videos? Responsesa) Yesb) No Yesc) Sometimes No SometimesThis shows the popularity of the text, a music video, and will also show how peopleare likely to watch the music video, because all 10 of our questionnaires watchmusic videos, regularly or semi-regularly.
  3. 3. Question TwoHow often do you watch music videos? Responsea) Once a dayb) Once a week Everyday Weeklyc) Once a month Monthly Otherd) Other: Please StateThe majority of the people we asked, watch at least one or more music videos perweek, showing there is a constant audience for the videos and therefore will be forours too.
  4. 4. Question ThreeDo you prefer a narrative video (a video with a story) or aperformance based music video (where you just see theartist/band singing and playing instruments) ?a) Narrative videos Option Answer Narrative 2b) Performance videos Performance 2 Both 6c) Both This shows that most people are indiscriminant as to whether they watch a performance or narrative video, so doing either of these things will not limit the entertainment of the audience.
  5. 5. Question 4How do you watch music videos?a) YouTubeb) Music Channelsc) The Musicians Website Responsed) Social Networking Website YouTubeThis shows how the most Music Channelpopular platforms for musicvideos are YouTube andmusic channels. This shows Musicians Websitethat all music videos areeasily accessible to the Socialaudience from these places. Networking Site
  6. 6. Question FiveWhat are your favourite genres ofmusic? Genres Tallya) Pop Pop 6b) Rock Rock 3 Metal 1c) Metal Acoustic 2d) Acoustic R&B 3 Other 1e) R&Bf) Other: Please State. These results show that pop is the most popular genre of music (60%): this is expected as it is the most mainstream. This is only a small sample group so results cannot be generalised, however our genre was liked by 20% of people, showing that there is definitely an audience for the genre.
  7. 7. Question 6 What are your favourite parts of a music video? a) Backing dancers b) Seeing the storyline progress c) Watching the musicians play instruments d) Other: please state. ResponseFrom these results it‟s very clear Backing Dancersand audiences both enjoy narrative(storyline based) videos andperformance based ones where they Seeing thecan watch the musician. Although storyline progressnarrative videos were slightly morepopular in our survey, the results Watching theshow that weather or not the video musicianwas narrative or performance basedwould not particularly affect
  8. 8. Question 7 What makes you like an artist? Response a) Their talent b) Their fashion sense c) Their personality Talent Fashion PersonalityThese results show that theoverwhelming reason a personlikes an artist is because of theirsinging ability, not due to otherfactors, meaning the musicshould be the focal point in ourvideo.
  9. 9. Question 8 Would you say you are influenced by your favorite artists? If yes, how?a) Yes Response Tally Yes 2b) No No 8 Much like the last question, these results suggest how the majority of people are interested in an artist because of their talent, not because of other factors which would influence them. The two people who did say „yes‟ to this question stated that they are “inspired to seek out similar artists” and “follow their style.” Both being things which seem to occur quite naturally with any artist who has a particularly individual/defining style, but which may not be the soul reason why a person likes the artist.
  10. 10. Question 9 Do you and your friends share the same music taste? a) Yes Response b) No c) Don‟t knowThe response to this question Yesillustrates how groups of people Noare often brought together by a Dont knowlove of a similar thing, in thiscase music, also meaning thatfriendship could be a keymessage in any music video toappeal to these groups.
  11. 11. Question 10 Would you listen to your favorite song more if there was a music video for it? Response a) Yes b) No Yes c) Unsure NoThese results show how important music Unsurevideos are to the music industry, as only 2people said they would listen to theirfavorite song more without or regardless ofa music video. This shows how songswhich do have videos are often heard more,more likely to be listened to more than onceand are overall a very powerful tool in the
  12. 12. Questions 11 & 12 Who are your favorite artists/bands? Are you influenced by them in any way? How?The answers to the first question were very varied depending on individual preference. Results included: My Chemical Romance, Cher Lloyd, The Saturdays, Bowling for Soup, Oasis, Lady Gaga and Adele.Four out of ten people said that their favorite artist(s) influence them either by style or more prominently, opinions and views on other things outside of the music industry.These answers demonstrate how musicians have the ability to effect how people dress and to a certain extent their views and attitudes towards other people or situations.