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Dylan McGough's question 2 of evaluation....

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Question 2 of Evaluation...

  1. 2. <ul><li>Branding plays a big role in modern society as there are so many products to choose from you will need a strong brand identity because in modern spending a brand can be the whole reason for purchasing a product. Branding is the face of a product and allows companies/businesses to differentiate themselves from similar products. </li></ul><ul><li>For example Coca Cola and Pepsi are basically the same product however they have different brands. Here is a video of Coco Cola… http:// </li></ul><ul><li>here is a video of Pepsi. </li></ul><ul><ul><li>http :// </li></ul></ul><ul><li>As you can see both have their own unique branding. One uses celebrity endorsement to sell more, where as Coco-Cola make out that Coco-Cola is a magical experience. </li></ul><ul><li>Each method will attract different customers and provide them with brand loyalty. </li></ul><ul><li>Brand also provides you with an instant image, thought or feeling about a product as there logo are recognisable. </li></ul>As you can see each logo have their own colour scheme that differentiates them from the other They also have their own style of font. Again this is recognisable – allowing the consumer differentiate each product
  2. 3. Brands are all around us. Every product we use, consume or see on the high streets have their own brand. From electronics, Banks, to music and food. No matter what we look at without realising everything has its own brand identity. The most important thing for brand is the logo As logos will provide you with mental image of a product, therefore you instantly recognise the product. Overall its clear to see that brands are important. Source: Here are some examples of logos…
  3. 4. Drummer Singer and main guitarist Base guitarist The hip-hop duo ‘Outcast’ made a music video with one of the members being everyone, from the band to the backing singers and this music video proved to be a massive hit. Which is how we knew having Ryan play all three members of the band would be a success.
  4. 5. For our brand image we got a lot of inspiration from the band ‘Arctic Monkeys’ as they are a successful ‘Indie’ band. We also liked their style they have with the black, white and grey clothing. We also wanted our artist to have longish styled hair as that is popular with the indie genre and fitted in with the ‘indie look’. As you can see with each member of the band we dressed them in similar clothing but made sure they had different colours and style t-shirts We also had styled our artist so he own hair style, shorter at the back and gradually get longer into the fringe
  5. 6. Another way we established a strong brand identity was through our bands logo… For our logo we decided that we would incorporate an eye into our logo as the band name has ‘eye’ in it. Initially we though of an eye into the ‘H’ of the band name but after some trail and error we decided it would look better to have that just about the band name, that way it could be or focus point. We also decided to keep our font of the band’s name plan and simple as we didn’t want to take any focus off the logo as we felt that way people would remember the logo. Therefore giving us a stronger and more recognisable brand identity. We also wanted to keep the colour theme of black and white running throughout which is why we added the black background with the white lines going through the eye.
  6. 7. As you can see we maintained the black and white colour scheme throughout the Digipak Used the background eye of our bands logo for the disk holder – to keep the brands identity running throughout Logo as front cover Incorporated blue effect on the guitar to link it to the blue from the logo’s eye Had the artist wearing the same cloths for the Digipak as he did in the music video The have light face shows how he has some mystery around him which ties in with the drug uses
  7. 8. Maintained using black and white throughout keeping with the brand image Had the front cover of the album showing which happened to be the logo of the band which helps promote our brand even more Used the same font as our bands name for the title and information which will create a stronger brand identity Used a blue guitar for this image to keep with the blue from the bands logo
  8. 9. Overall I am extremely pleased with our brand identity as we have managed to keep a constant theme running throughout our music video as well as our ancillary products. We kept the running theme of black and white through all three media products which will give our band a clear recognisable brand image which I feel would be popular in the ‘Indie’ music genre.