The Release - Promotion/ Spreading the Word


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The Release - Promotion/ Spreading the Word

  1. 1. Party GirlThey made a DVD with a 40 minute long film in itcalled; ‘Nowhere Left to Run’ that was released on29th November 2010 exclusively to HMV stores.This encouraged fans to celebrate the release of thesingle.
  2. 2. ReviewsAbove the noise was given 4/5 stars by Ok! Magazine,and 3.5/5 stars from album was aided by these reviews as themagazines encouraged their readers to try out whatthey are promoting.
  3. 3. TV AppearancesThey made many TV appearances such as:• Doctor Who• Casualty• Top Gear• Tom Fletcher appeared on The Cube• Harry Judd Was on Strictly Come Dancing• Dougie Poynter was on I’m a Celebrity: Get me out of here!• And Danny Jones appeared on Pop Star to Opera Star
  4. 4. Nowhere Left To RunThe film was screened through the group’s officialwebsite on the 13th October 2010. This film was used inthe music video of Party Girl. In this film, their usualimage is destroyed, leaving a band of young menwho are no longer their typical childish, playful selves.They are shown in this film to be much more darker,with explicit content in both their videos and lyrics.
  5. 5. That’s the TruthThat’s the Truth was said to have an autobiographicalelement based on the back-story of Dougie Poynter,entering rehab for depression, and drug and alcoholabuse. The band conducted little promotion for thesingle, and so it only reached number 35 in the UKcharts.
  6. 6. Chris MoylesChris Moyles played Star Girl every week live on air onRadio 1 to promote the band.
  7. 7. DemosDemos of songs were put in Tom’s room on theSupercity site. These got fans hyped about the albumand gave them a taste of what to expect.
  8. 8. Mcfly.comThe album could be bought here cheaper thananywhere else; this would have made mcfly’s moreenthusiastic fans feel more privileged as they are ableto buy the album cheaper than anyone else.
  9. 9. Music WeekMcfly appeared on the cover of Music Week with apicture of their new album. This is an example ofsynergy, as the fans of the band would buy themagazine and so creating profit for the magazine andpublicity for Mcfly’s album.
  10. 10. Thank you for watching, I hope you now feel moreknowledgeable in concern of Above the noise. Have a nice day.