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Mc fly and above the noise


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Mc fly and above the noise

  1. 1. McFly and Above the Noise (2011) MS4: British Case Study
  2. 2. McFly - background• McFly are a British pop-rock band who first found fame in 2004.• The band consists of Tom Fletcher, Danny Jones (lead vocals and guitar), Dougie Pointer and Harry Judd.• They were signed to the Island Records label (owned by major label Universal Music Group/ Records) from their 2004 launch until December 2007, before creating their own label, Super Records.• The band rose to fame after fellow boyband Busted helped launch them by inviting them to tour in March 2004.• McFlys debut album Room on the Third Floor debuted at number 1 in the UK album chart and is certified as double platinum this led to them becoming known as the youngest band ever to have an album debut at number 1 – a title taken from The Beatles.• They have released six albums since 2004 – seven no. 1 singles and four no. 1 albums.
  3. 3. Star Persona/ Brand Image• Examine the brand image constructed by Universal/ Island Records.• ‘Baby Busted’•
  4. 4. Music Promo Videos - marketing• Five Colours in Her Hair:• Star Girl:• Its All About You:
  5. 5. Leaving the Major Label••
  6. 6. • "Being on a major label at the moment is like living in your grandparents house. Everyone knows they need to move out, and they will eventually, but we kind of like our grandmother.“(Band front man Chris Martin)
  7. 7. Above the Noise Album (2011)• Above the Noise is the second album released under their own music label ‘Super Records.’• The first single, ‘Party Girl’ premiered on 14 July on BBC Radio 1and reached number 6 in the UK charts. The album debuted at number 20 in the album charts & reached number 7 in the album download charts.
  8. 8. Star Persona with Super Records• Music Promo Videos:• Shine a Light:• Party Girl:
  9. 9. Nowhere Left to Run Film•
  10. 10. Research Task• McFly Marketing and Distribution in the digital age
  11. 11. Just My Luck Film••
  12. 12. McFly on the Wall (Channel 5)••