Lady gaga and born this way (2011


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Lady gaga and born this way (2011

  1. 1. LADY GAGA ANDBORN THIS WAY (2011) MS4: The Music Industry
  2. 2. Brief Biographical Detail• Born as Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta on 28th March 1986 in New York City.• Attended the Convent of the Sacred Heart alongside Paris Hilton.• Wrote songs for Britney Spears, New Kids On The Block, Fergie, The Pussycat Dolls and Akon.• Primarily Pop music with influences of techno/dance/synthesizer genre of music.
  3. 3. • Signed to Interscope Records part of the Universal Music Group Label (MAJOR label)• ‘Label mates’ include some of the biggest music artists in the world ; Rihanna, Adele, Katy Perry, Beyonce, Jay Z, Plan B, etc…
  4. 4. Universal is a global company• There are branches of Universal Music throughout the world including London.• Its headquarters are in California USA.• It is owned by French Media conglomerate Vivendi .• The conglomerate own interests in film, music, TV, games and publishing.• Canal +, Pathe = films• Universal Music Group• Activision = Games• BSKYB = TV
  5. 5. The Creation of Gaga as Global Brand Marketing: Promotions
  6. 6. Distribution in the Music Industry• Distribution of music – physical copies in shops and online• Promotions –TV programmes ( chat shows ), merchandise• Publicity - interviews, press, TV• Advertising and marketing : album covers, music videos , official websites etc…
  7. 7. Creation of her StarPersona/ Brand Image
  8. 8. Marketing: Promotions• Music Promo Videos:• Pokerface• Bad Romance• Telephone• Marry the Night• Single and Album Covers:
  9. 9. Debut Album: The Fame• Released in 2008• Influences from glam rock 70’s artists such as David Bowie and Queen.• This album is a representation of what life is like being famous• e.g. The song Paparazzi which hosts a stalker plot.
  10. 10. First ever music video• ‘Just Dance’ from her first album The Fame was Lady Gaga’s first music video...• Released in 2008.• Lady Gaga has simple straight hair, simple makeup and she is wearing party clothes.• This music video is a piece of performance art to represent being drunk at a house party and is quite light-hearted and shallow.• Nudity is a feature in this video with the dress but nothing compared to Lady Gaga now...
  11. 11. S i m p le s trai g h t h ai r S e x y b u t n o t to o re ve ali n g c lo th e se o f d ram ati c m ak e -u p (T ri b u te to D avi d B o w i e , L ad y G ag a’s I d o l) U n u s u al c lo th i n g b u t i s p lau s i b le th at s o m e o n e c o u ld w e ar s o m e th i n g li k e th i s , u n li k e an y o f L ad y G ag a’s re c e n t o u tfi ts .
  12. 12. Lyrics to ‘Just Dance’• The lyrics are light-hearted and fun• Representing being drunk at a party with...• “Where are my keys? I lost my phone.”• “Just dance, gonna be okay.”• “I love this record baby, but I can’t see straight anymore.”
  13. 13. Just Dance CD Cover T ri b u te /i c o n o g rap h yB o ld fo n t i n b lu e to to D avi d B o w i em atc h o u tfi t an dm ak e u p S e d u c ti ve p ose ; i n d i c ati o n of h e r c h arac te r an d U n u s u al c lo th i n g s tyle of m u sic
  14. 14. Publicity: Early AppearancesS am e C o n s i s te n t h ai r-s tyles tyle o fm ak e u p C o n s i s te n t le ve l o f s k i n e x p o s u re
  15. 15. Second studio album: The Fame Monster• Seen as a sequel to her first album• More aggressive and dark demeanour to her lyrics.• Based around the evils of the music/fame industry and the desire to be part of it.• The most aggressive songs on the album -Teeth, Bad Romance, Monster and Alejandro.
  16. 16. Music video from the Fame Monster: Alejandro An d ro g yn o u s fe e l to vi d e o L o w le ve l li g h ti n g ; g i ve s a e e ri e fe e lars h e r m ak e u p , d ram ati c h ai r s tyle E x tre m e n u d i ty, li n g e ri e .
  17. 17. Alejandro• Beginning of religious references U n u s u al h e ad w e ar• Extreme nudity• Sexual references are constant especially in dance routines and shots.• Dark mood is set in the music video• Dominatrix atmosphere• Shows a much more socially unacceptable Lady Gaga P ai n e d e x p re s s i o n o n fac e• Criticised for being too sexy; bad role-model for young fans B lac k an d w h i te c o lo u rs re p re s e n t d ark m o o d• Criticised for being blasphemous.
  18. 18. Later Publicity: Lady Gaga AppearancesD i ffe re n t,vari e dh ai rs tyle s M o re u n u s u al o u tfi ts M o re n u d i ty
  19. 19. Case Study: Born This Way (2011)
  20. 20. Third Studio Album: Born This Way• Released on 23rd May 2011• Represents a shining beacon of hope to ‘misfits’ and ‘outcasts’ (ideologies)• Wants to convey self-appreciation and begin the end to prejudice.• sold 1.108 million copies in its first week.• Was no. 1 in the album charts in all 5 major world territories.• Born This Way" became the fastest- selling single in iTunes history.
  21. 21. Music Promo Video• Born This Way
  22. 22. In October 2011, LadyGaga announcedplans to release a boxset titled Born ThisWay: The Collectionand a remix album] The album cover wasreleased on October21, 2011.The image shows LadyGaga wearing a dressmade of slime bydesigner Bart Hess
  23. 23. Born This Way Music Video• Starts off with a monologue from Lady Gaga explaining that a ‘perfect’ race, free from prejudice and equipped with boundless freedom was born at the same time as an evil race which could destroy the perfect race.• Extreme nudity again in this video but with a different message. Lady Gaga is predominantly nude to show she was ‘born this way’.
  24. 24. Born This Way Lyrics• “Im beautiful in my way M o re s e ri o u s lyri c s ; Cause God makes no mistakes le s s ab o u t p artyi n g Im on the right track, baby an d c are le s s n e s s I was born this way” b u t m o re ab o u t s e lf- ap p re c i ati o n• Dont be a drag, just be a queen Whether youre broke or evergreen Youre black, white, beige, chola descent Youre Lebanese, youre orient Whether lifes disabilities Left you outcast, bullied, or teased Rejoice and love yourself today cause baby you were born this way
  25. 25. Array o f rac e s d an c i n g to g e th e r i n a ro u ti n e ; s h o w i n g e q u ali tyx tre m e ly b i z arre d re s s an d d ram ati c m ak e u p
  26. 26. Born This Way Single CoverP ro s th e ti c b o n e s C o m p le te n u d i tyram ati c , d ark m ak e u p T e x t i s s i m i lar to a th u n d e rb o lt p atte rn ; w h i c h i s fe atu re s i n h e r Ju s t D an c e vi d e o
  27. 27. Lady Gaga Appearances D i ffe re n t h ai rs tyle sE x tre m e ly u n u s u al o u tfi ts
  28. 28. The meat dress
  29. 29. Publicity : Criticisms of the Album• Several religious groups have condemned the album for its incorporation of several religious icons of Christianity and its stance on sexuality. I Lebanon, Born This Way was temporarily banned by the General Secretary Department, who deemed the album to be in bad taste and mocking of Christianity.• Abdo Abu Kassm, director of the Catholic Information Centre of Lebanon, highly criticized the themes of the album, expressing that "if they are going to offend us we are going to cancel the album."He continued: "We will not accept that anyone insult the Virgin Mary or Jesus or Christianity . Call us traditional, call us backward, call us whatever you want. We will not accept it."[This ban lasted up until June 9.[• The music video of "Judas" was criticized by the president of the Catholic League of America notably for Gagas portrayal of Mary Magdalene.
  30. 30. Lady Gaga’s most prominentappearance change is theprosthetic bones on her bodyand face.She gained a lot of criticism inthe press for this enhancementas it could represent a link toanorexia and suffering.
  31. 31. Marketing• To create awareness• Positive word-of -mouth
  32. 32. PUBLICITY
  33. 33. Publicity• A very useful tool for marketing yourself as a star and create awareness• However it is very difficult for an artist/label to control• Negative publicity ( in the press) is not always bad!
  34. 34. Little Monsters and Mother Monster
  35. 35. www.
  36. 36. Gaga’s Social Networking Site
  37. 37. The "Haus of Gaga"
  38. 38. Product Placement• Telephone• Marry the Night
  39. 39. Britney Spears earned $500k fromproduct placement in Hold It Against Me videoHold it Against Me
  40. 40. Create Fans -fandom
  41. 41. Conclusion• In her 6 active years as a recording artist/singer/songwriter, Lady Gaga’s star image has developed over time.• She started out as a pop-princess concerned with partying and getting drunk to progressing into conveying the evils of the music industry and now showing a development of self-appreciation in her new album ‘Born This Way’.• However, her style of music has stayed the same; in a pop/dance/synthesizer style of music. This consistency has made her extremely successful as people can sing along and it can feature in nightclubs.
  42. 42. MTV VMA awards•••