Glee research presentations handout


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Glee research presentations handout

  1. 1. Glee: MS4 the Television Industry Presentation QuestionsYou must answer all the questions on your section/topic comprehensively. Try toinclude images and short videos to make you presentations more interesting.Useful and the E4 Channel (and Channel 4 Broadcaster) 1) Which Glee seasons were bought and broadcast by E4? 2) Who owns the E4 channel? 3) Is it a digital or satellite channel? 4) What is their remit/mission? Why was the channel created/set up? 5) Look at their schedule – outline their typical content – genres, names of programmes. 6) What are their most successful programmes? Look for viewing figures. 7) Is the focus on UK or US programmes? 8) What viewing figures did Glee get on the channel – is this good? 9) Could Glee be considered as one of their ‘flagship’ programmes? 10) Does E4 produce their own programmes? 11) How is the channel funded? 12) Do they encourage sponsorship? Why? Who sponsored Glee on E4 and how much did they pay channel 4 for this deal? 13) What is E4’s audience profile (Target audience)?
  2. 2. 14) In America (on the FOX Channel) the pilot episode was premiered straight after an episode of American Idol – why did Fox do this? 15) How much does each episode cost to make? (On average?)Glee Marketing, Advertising and Brand Image (Branding)Glee has created a globally successful brand through their advertising and marketing 1) What is their brand image? (Sum up in 2/3 words) 2) Analyse 2/3 of the posters produced by Glee – how did these help create this brand image? 3) Did E4 set up a website or page to advertise the programme? What did it involve? How could the audience interact with the website? 4) Does Glee have an official website? What is available on this site? 5) Do they have social networking sites/pages? What can fans do on these? E.g. exclusive videos etc… 6) Have fans created their own marketing? Look at fan versions of Glee songs on Why would the producers of Glee encourage this? 7) Why did the producers broadcast the pilot online (Google) a few months before the programme was broadcast on TV? 8) What is the fanpage app? How are they using social networking to sell the programme? 9) What is ? 10) What iPhone apps have they created? What can you do with these? 11) Do they have a Youtube channel? What can you access on this? 12) What did the online casting call involve? (Digital marketing.)Glee and the Music (Marketing and Promotions) 1) How many albums has the programme released? 2) Name the albums
  3. 3. 3) Which record/ music label is Glee signed to? 4) Have the soundtrack albums been successful? Chart positions? Sales? 5) Which has been the most successful single? How many downloads has it had from iTunes? 6) What songs do they focus upon? Did this change in the second season? Will this appeal to their target audience? 7) The special episodes that focus on one artist and their music demonstrate synergy – the artists belong to the same label that distributes Glee soundtrack albums and singles – give 2 /3 examples of these artists – which labels are they signed to and what is their parent major label? 8) Why do the producers of Glee do this? What advantages does this have as a business strategy? 9) Why have music labels started approaching the producers of Glee to get their music into the programme? 10) When do Glee release the singles and albums? Why does this appeal to their fans/audience?Glee and Merchandise 1) What Glee (official) merchandise can audiences buy? 2) Why is merchandise seen as a good thing by producers of TV programmes? 3) Have the producers commissioned any computer games? (Playstation and XBOX?) Who owns Playstation? Is this evidence of synergy? 4) Are any Glee games available on smart phones? 5) Research the spin off novels that have been released. 6) Which accessories chain of shops has signed a promotional deal with Glee? Why is this mutually beneficial for the programme and business? 7) Glee have recently expanded their merchandise into furnishings – research what is available.
  4. 4. Glee and Promotions 1) What film did Glee release at cinemas in 2011? 2) Glee had an international tour – where did they tour and was it successful? 3) What events have the cast been invited to perform at (USA) – why would they do this for free? 4) Have the cast/characters appeared in other programmes? Which ones and why would this be mutually beneficial for both programmes? 5) Why did the programme get in trouble for the article in GQ magazine? Why might they have done this kind of photo shoot?Glee and Fandom 1) Who is Glee’s target audience? (Demographics and Psychographics.) 2) Does the programme attract any secondary audiences? Who? 3) What do Glee fans call themselves? 4) Why does the younger audience like Glee? Why does it appeal to them? 5) What kind of fan based videos can you find on Youtube? How are they ‘extending the pleasures of the text’? 6) Are there any fan websites (unofficial websites) online – what do they involve? 7) What is the ‘Gleek of the Week’ on Facebook? 8) What was ‘The Biggest Gleek competition’ run by the FOX channel? 9) Why do the producers of the programme include instrumental tracks on the Glee albums? What were they encouraging the fans to do?