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Course Introduction


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Introduction to BTEC Media Production (Film and Television)

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Course Introduction

  1. 1. BTEC Media Production Film and Television
  2. 2. Welcome!• BTEC Media is a fantastic course which will allow you to develop a wide range of skills over two years.• This course is the perfect stepping stone towards both University courses and careers in the media.• You will have the chance to develop your existing production skills or develop new ones if you have not studied the Media before.
  3. 3. Where might this course take me?• You can progress to employment or higher education applying for a Foundation or honours degree in a variety of subjects including:• Film and television production• Editing• Journalism• Marketing• Video technology• Media studies• Film studies
  4. 4. Are there exams?• This course is 100% practical so no exams in the summer.• However, this means that you are doing a continuous two year exam! Every single thing you produce will be assessed so must be produced to the best of your ability.• You will create your first assessed piece of work in about 6 weeks from now…
  5. 5. Aims of the Course• BTEC Media provides a practical and theoretical introduction to the skills, knowledge and understanding that is required to be employable in the world of Film and Television.
  6. 6. Aims of the Course• Through a series of industry related projects you will learn how to respond to a professional brief and produce professional products through:• Researching• Planning• Pitching• Presenting• Producing• Evaluating
  7. 7. What are we studying?In the first year there will be three main topics:•Induction (Training and research)•Single Camera Techniques•Factual Programme Production for Television
  8. 8. Induction• During the first six weeks you will be trained and introduced to the following areas:• Cinematography• Editing• Lighting• Sound design• Production Design• Professional Documentation• Genre, Narrative, Audiences• Youtube, Vimeo, Blogger
  9. 9. Single Camera Techniques• In this topic you will produce short films. There are three assessed pieces of work :• PowerPoint Presentation of Single Camera Techniques• 60 Second drama• 5 Minute drama• Every film must be submitted on DVD with all stages of planning!
  10. 10. Factual Programme Production for Television• For this topic you will produce a 5 minute television documentary on a subject of your choice. The required work is:• A magazine article on issues in factual production (Photoshop)• Analysis of documentary conventions presentation (Ppt + Filmed)• Plan, research, pitch and produce a 5 minute documentary (Planning and DVD)
  11. 11. 4docs•
  12. 12. The 2 Year nd• In the second year we will build on the skills and techniques you have developed. The two main topics are: Music Video Corporate & Promotional Production
  13. 13. What equipment do I need?!• We have all the equipment you will need to produce your products. You will need the following:• Pens• Pencils and Eraser• Coloured Pencils• A4 pad of paper• Induction Pack
  14. 14. Who do I need to be?• Organised• Good attendance• Work well with others• Positive• Enthusiastic• Good time management
  15. 15. Who do I not need to be?• Negative• Selfish• Lazy• Poor attendance• Letting others down•