Btec the screenplay pitch


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Btec the screenplay pitch

  1. 1. Creating a Screenplay “Pitch”Your next task is to create a short screenplaypitch to a group of student filmmakers.Every screenplay begins with an idea. A pitchis nothing more than a verbal presentationof a notion, concept, situation, idea, or story.If you continue your studies to degree level orwork in the industry then the chances are youregoing to have to pitch your ideas to someone; itcould be a producer, a director, a productionexecutive, an agent or anyone in the business.When we talk about pitching, were talking about the presentation of an idea. Thatmeans its your responsibility to convince a production executive (s), or agent, orproducer, whoever it might be, that your idea is so good, so unique, so exciting thatthey want to develop it and ultimately produce it.TASK:Using PowerPoint create a 3-5 minute pitch for your screenplay. A good pitch shouldcontain the following: • Title. Name the title of the film and spend a few sentences discussing your choice and how it reflects the character, genre and story where relevant • Logline. Whats a Logline?! It’s a short pitch that gives the main objective of a story or concept, as well as any unique emotional hook or twist. Read the back of dvd covers to get the feel of effective loglines. • What mood, atmosphere and emotions will the film create? • Introduce the main character. Who are they? What is their dramatic need? How and why are they in this situation? • Reveal the incident that creates the main conflict. • Discuss the obstacles the hero must overcome. • Describe the climax between the hero and villain and its outcome.
  2. 2. • Discuss the storys unique aspects. (Genre, narrative, setting?) • Compare your idea to successful films in the same genre within the last five years. Can your film be described as a combination of two existing films? E.g. “Kill Bill meets Terminator” or “Rocky meets Transformers”. Comparing your film to existing recently successful films “proves” that your idea will be a success. TIPSUse present tense only.Illustrate your slides.Keep text on slides to a minimum. You will expand on the PowerPoint through yourdelivery.Practice the pitch aloud to sound conversational.In the pitch, speak slowly and clearly. Know the story well enough to speak withoutnotes. Pitch to everyone in the room. Make constant eye contact. Act enthusiasticand professional.Avoid revealing too many subplots or minor characters. Keep it simple and directRemember to invite your audience to ask questions at the end.Keep your pitch to around 10 slidesOnce complete you will present your pitch. For assessment you must submit thefollowing: • Print out of PowerPoint • Notes from presenting the pitch • DVD of the pitch • Teachers observation report