Audience profiling


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A2 Media Coursework
Audience Profiling

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Audience profiling

  1. 1. Audience Task
  2. 2. the GazettE - Guren (紅蓮)
  3. 3. Who is the audience?In Demographic terms, the audience consists of:G- Gender; Female mostlyR- Race; East AsianA – Age; Sixteen to twenty-fourS – Socio-economic Status;• B; Intermediate managerial / professional• C2; Skilled manual (electrician, plumber)
  4. 4. Who is the audience?In Psychographic terms, we will characterise ouraudience with Young and Rubicam’s CCCC;Cross-Cultural Consumer Characteristics.OINKY – One income, no kids yet.SINBAD- Single income no boyfriend anddesperate.
  5. 5. Who are the audience?• In terms of general lifestyle, listeners are probably students with an interest in the fashion brought along with the styles of music, as it comes under ‘Visual Kei’; where the fashion reflects the music. They probably live in japan, and not have a relationship. Their financial status must allow them to buy lots of extra merchandise, as its expensive! Fans and listeners may well likely dress up and get together and hang out due to the bands popularity and large interest.
  6. 6. Audience Profile Name: Takanori Matsumoto Male Features! Lots of Accessories. Dark colours. ‘Extreme’ hair. Outrageous look. Visual orientedProbably smokes, likes to play music (guitar/bass probably)Fan of older VK music (e.g. Luna Sea, X-Japan),Likes shorter girls and going to karaoke.
  7. 7. Audience ProfileName: Hizaki KuroFemaleProbably doesn’t smokeIs a big fan girlObsesses over members religiouslyDresses to match the themes of music.Thinks appearance is very important andlikes to date taller, older guys who shareinterests.Likes cats and sweets.
  8. 8. What will appeal to the audience?• The audience would like the originality and hidden meanings of the video.• Fans (girls) would also like the appearance of the band members as they are pretty.• The mellow sounding music with a rock feel is much easier to listen too compared to other metal/rock/alternate bands you can find.• The Dark themes and colour.• The video itself keeps interest of the fan as it makes them want to watch what happens next.
  9. 9. What does it offer to the audience?It offers ‘Diversion’ as it gives a very differentstyle, language included to what people usuallylisten too here. It allows people to escape fromthe norms.Personal Relationships can be offered throughthe use of the story in the song, it can berelatable to people. Though it can make peopleseem like an outsider due to the fact its not adominant music style.
  10. 10. What does it offer the audience?• Personal identity – one can compare their beliefs and challenge their own to the ones of the artist portrayed in the song.• Surveillance – music isn’t the ideal outlet for this particular need, but some viewers may not usually listen to such artists and genres, and may be interested in the band’s style and aesthetic.
  11. 11. J-rock is accustomed to originalcostumes, as seen in the images,and the videos are veryimmersive, due to the interestingbackgrounds, shots and settings.Several things go on at once, tokeep an interest and mayberequire more than one viewing.