Analysis of music videos


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Analysis of music videos

  1. 1. Analysis of music videos. Phoebe Hindle
  2. 2. Music Video #2: Katy Perry- “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F)” Music Video.
  3. 3. Relationship between lyrics and visuals…Like the “Beat It” video I analysed, “Last Friday Night” also has a strongrelationship between the visuals and the lyrics. Throughout the video,there are visuals illustrating the lyrics, sometimes word for word, andsometimes via the actions of the characters on the screen. Again, the images on the screen are reflecting what Katy is singing. This helps to amplify the lyrics, so the audience fully understand what is going on in the narrative and what she’s singing about. At the beginning of the song, the visuals match the lyrics when she sings; “there’s a stranger in my bed” and it shows Katy sat in bed with a person lying next to her. This shows the visuals copying the lyrics word for word, because as she says there is a stranger in her bed, the video shows this to us.
  4. 4. Relationship between lyrics and visuals… This is an example of when the visuals show what the lyrics are saying, but not word for word. As she’s singing about partying on a Friday night, there’s images of a party going on, people drinking, listening to music, etc. but not copying the lyrics. ItThe visuals continue this word for word still amplifies the song, however, becauserelationship with the lyrics. As she’s it’s showing images of partying.singing about pictures being online, thecamera cuts to this image. The imagesthat are shown help the audiencewatching this video, which will be mainlyteenagers, relate to the video, as theseare the types of pictures that are likely toend up online after a night out.
  5. 5. Relationship between the music and the visuals…The pace of the video and the music fit together well. “Last Friday Night”is a typical pop music video, and the song is pretty quick, therefore, theimages cut to the beat of the song. As the song reaches the chorus, thecuts happen quicker and are more frequent and when it get’s to theverses, although still fast, they happen considerably less and slower thanthe cuts at the chorus. All this fits into the beat of the song and makes itlook like it all fits together and look professional.During the first chorus, there is a total of around 26 straight cuts, lasting, on average,two seconds each (the song is in ¼ and every 2nd beat it cuts) and the longest around7 seconds.
  6. 6. Style and iconography… “Last Friday Night” is a pop song, and therefore the video also reflectthis pop image. In the song, there is a lot of bright block colours, mostly pink andyellows. This is a typical colour associated with pop music videos,especially upbeat ones like “Last Friday Night”, because firstly itappeals to her target audience which is mostly teenagers who likebright and cheerful colours, and secondly it gives off this images of“fun” because that’s the usual connotation parties- that they’re fun,and “retro” as the video is clearly set in around the 80s/ early 90s. Even though there isn’t any choreographed dancing in the video, itstill features people dancing. This is a typical scene in pop videos, asyou’d expect to see, especially in a high tempo song which is abouthaving fun and being at a party, people dancing along- and themajority of pop music videos will most likely show people dancing.
  7. 7. Close Ups… There is a lot of close ups of Katy throughout “Last Friday Night”, much more than there was in thefirst video I analysed. Most of the shots with the other actors tend to be medium shots as to not totake away the focus from Katy. The close ups are usually when Katy is singing the lyrics to the song, or when she’s showingcertain emotions. For example, when she is happy and smiling about the night before, there is aclose up of this. It shows the audience that even though there might be embarrassing photos of heron the internet, it didn’t stop her from having a good night. There are also many close ups of her once she’s had her make over. She looks dead into thecamera, which is addressing the audience and drawing them in, this helps the audience to becomeemerged into the video and feel apart of it. Also, once she’s had her make over, it shows that theseclose ups are aimed mostly at the male audience through the body language and facial expressionshe uses. This is because, her songs may be seen to be based to more teenage girls, but momentslike these also mean that she’s targeting a male audience. In total there are 20 close ups of Katy throughout the music video.
  8. 8. Star iconography…Katy Perry is known for her quirky, girly and fun style. Her style haschanged quite a lot since when she first started, for example, now it isdefinitely much more quirky, however, she’s always portrayed a “fun”and “girly” image. She is also known for different wigs she wears, forexample, the blue wig she wore in “California Gurls”. Katy doesn’t onlyjust wear these outfits in her music videos, she also carried on this imageoutside of them. This helps it become apart of her image and people areable to associate her with these styles, and her fans are able to copy thisimage from times, as though her look is quite quirky, it’s not over thetop. Images of Katy from the beginning of her career to 2011. Her image has gotten more quirkier as the years have gone by, but she’s always had a fun and girly aspect to herHer “geeky” image she showed in the video, still has quite agirly and fun style to it.
  9. 9. Star iconography… Katy also created an alter-ego for “Last Friday Night.” Normally, she’s just “Katy Perry”, however, she created a geeky image in “Last Friday Night” who is known as “Kathy Beth Terry.” This helps her image come alive more, and isn’t just another music video character. Her fans know that if she is dressed as she is in the beginning of the video, then it’s Kathy Beth Terry, not Katy Perry. To help her fans catch onto this new alter-ego quicker, she uploaded a couple of clips on YouTube as Kathy Beth Terry, talking about her life, as if Kathy Beth Terry is a real person. Nobody Likes Kathy Beth Terry on Facebook I go for Steve Johnson Get off me Everett! Katy Perry 8th Grade is STILL Weird She’s even created a Twitter account for her alter ego; @KathyBethTerry. Again, this is creating and continuing this Kathy Beth Terry image outside of her videos to help fans get more involved.
  10. 10. Voyeurism…The whole of “Last Friday Night” could be seen as voyeurism. This is becauseduring the whole of the video, we get to see Katy in situations that we’d nevernormally get to see. We first get to see her in her bedroom after the party, beforethe party and at the end of the party. Also, we get to see her at the actual partywhich is probably not something that fans would be able to witness. This helps fansfeel privileged to be able to see this and it makes them apart of Katy’s private life,something that they’d never get to be apart of normally.
  11. 11. Intertextuality… The director of “Last Friday Night” said that the video was inspired by “SixteenCandles” and other 80s coming of age films and teen movies.Also the ending was inspired by the ending of “Cannonball Run.” I also personallybelieve it is also makes reference to many 2000s teen movie films such as;Mean Girls: This is a similar scene in “Mean Girls” “Last Friday Night” can be related to “Mean Girls” because in “Last Friday Night” and “Last Friday Night” where theyKaty is taken under the wing of one by one of the “popular girls” (Rebecca Black) both come down the stairs after aand is given a make over and in the end Katy turns into a “popular girl” like make over.Rebecca Black. This is similar to “Mean Girls” because that is basically the wholenarrative to the film. A girl is taken from a “nobody” to a “somebody”.John Tucker Must Die: “Last Friday Night” also has quite a similar narrative to “John Tucker Must Die”because in “Last Friday Night” we see that Katy likes one of the “Jocks” whodoesn’t notice her, and one of the “Nerds” likes Katy, who she doesn’t notice. Thisis quite similar to “John Tucker Must Die” as the girl in that likes one of the “Jocks”and the jocks brother likes the girl, again who she doesn’t notice.Last CannonFriday ball RunNight credits.credits
  12. 12. Intertextuality… “Last Friday Night” wasn’t written after “Friday” by Rebecca Black, but they do have similar themes i.e. they’rewritten about having fun on Friday, therefore, Katy used Rebecca Black in her video. “Friday” hadn’t been outlong before “Last Friday Night” was released so people recognised Rebecca Black straight away. The video also features two “Glee” stars. “Glee” is a very popular show with some teenagers, who are apart ofKaty’s target audience. This would widen Katy’s audience because even if people weren’t fans of her music,they’d watch the video just for the appearance of the two “Glee” stars. Katy doesn’t only just use people who are quite current and known by the younger audience, she uses olderactors and musicians as well. Kenny G stars in the video as “Uncle Kenny” who plays the saxophone during thedance break. He was very successful in the 80s and 90s and therefore using him brings back to the referencethat this video is set in this era. Also, it again widens her audience as fans of Kenny G would watch this just forhis appearance. Another musician/actress she uses who was successful in the 80s and 90s is Debbie Gibson as her mother. Theuse of these musicians/actors who aren’t as current any more add to the image of the 80s and make it seemmore authentic. Not only does it widen her audience, it makes her younger audience aware of these people andgive them a better awareness of popular acts in the 80s. Lastly, Katy uses the band “Hanson” in her video, who may be seen as a 90s one hit wonder, as many peoplewill know them for their song “MMMBop”. Again this makes her 80s/90s party theme more realistic and alsoreferences the teen movie films that tend to use cheesy bands/live acts during their party scenes. Rebecca Black and “Glee” star Kevin McHale. Hanson. Kevin G. “Glee” star Darren Criss. Debbie Gibson
  13. 13. Representation and ideology… The “Jock” character is represented in a very stereotypical way through the mise-en-scene.He’s shown wearing a letterman jacket which in teen movies the Jock is always seen wearing.He also is shown lifting up his shirt and showing off his abs. This is something that all jocks areshown to have, as it shows that they’re in shape and work out a lot. Also, through his bodylanguage and his actions he is represented as a typical jock. He is seen dismissing Katy whenshe looks like a geek and going for the girl who looks pretty. However, once Katy has had hermake over, he then goes and makes a move for her, doing derogatory things like grabbing herfrom behind. All these are seen as a typical representation as this is the image of jocks we arealways shown in the media and in films.What would be an alternative representation of the Jock character, however, is when the“Nerd” character stops him from touching Katy and punches him, in which he gets knocked outand falls onto the bed. This is an alternative representation because the Jocks are supposed tobe tough and strong and not be beaten by someone who’s supposed to be weak.
  14. 14. Representation and ideology… The “Nerd” is represented typically with the way he’s dressed. He’s wearing glasses, hasbraces, and is wearing a checked shirt with pants and pant braces. All this is seen as a typicaloutfit that “nerds” wear, as this is the image we usually see in teen movies and in the media.Another way in which he’s represented in a typical way is through the actions of other people,as he’s overlooked by Katy as she prefers the Jock to him, which is very typical of the “nerd”character. He’s also sat down on a chair in the corner of the room being ignored by everybody.Even the cinematography reflects this image of being alone and not as important as the othercharacters as he’s shown from a high angle shot, like we’re “looking down” on him. All theseare typical representations of the nerd. What’s an alternative view of the “nerd” character is when he punches the jock forinappropriately grabbing Katy. He’s shown as being stronger than the Jock who has moremuscles than him, he’s also shown as being capable of protecting the person he likes. Thisisn’t usual for the nerd character as they are always shown to be weedy or perhaps they dodefeat the jock type character, but through their mental strength, not physical. Katy’s character is shown as stereotypical throughout the whole of the video. When she’s shown as her“geek” character, she’s wearing typical geeky clothes and accessories, like braces, glasses and notknowing much about fashion e.g. she’s wearing dungarees etc. This is how the geeky type character arealways projected in the media. She’s also doing a Sudoku puzzle and getting angry at the music that’splaying next door, again this is a typical representation because they’re normally shown as enjoyingthings that are mentally stimulating and not going out on a Friday night. What’s also a typical representation is when she is given a make over by Rebecca Black and made tolook prettier than she was in her geeky outfit. Her clothes become tighter, she gets rid of the glassesand wears much more make up. She then attracts the attention of the boy who dismissed her before.This is a typical representation and it’s giving off the message if you want to attract the person who youlike, you have to change the way you look to appeal to them otherwise you’re going to go unnoticed.
  15. 15. What I have learnt… I have learnt from “Last Friday Night” that using mise-en-scene can help determinethe era that the video is set. It’s important to use the right clothes, colours, setting togive off and represent the type of right kind of image we’re trying to project.Cinematography is also important, because we can use camera angles and close upsetc. to help represent or portray a certain person. Also, using intertextuality canmake the video more interesting and can attract a much wider audience as peoplewho like Hanson for instance will like this video as Hanson are featured in it. Lastly,taking the lyrics literally and showing images that match this can help amplify whatthe lyrics are and help the audience relate to it even more.