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American hiphop pp

  1. 1. HIP-HOP R&B Missy Elliot Beyoncé Nicki Minaj Cassie Lil MamaOur original genre was going to be UK Grime, but after doing our work we have realized that our music video is in fact American hip-hop.
  2. 2. what is the purpose of this power point. • Our original genre was going to be UK Grime, but after doing our work we have realized that our music video is in fact American hip- hop/ R&B.• We have analysed some music video‟s of Beyoncé and discovered that her main genre of what her music is, is R&B and sometimes hip-hop.• We have based our artists on Beyoncé as we wanted to stick to the conventions of the types of music videos she produces.
  3. 3. Why Beyonce?• We based our artist on Beyonce because we both felt that she is a well known artist and that it must be due to some of her traits. We wanted to get our audience to look at our artist and think something along the lines of this artist is a strong independent woman. Which I think we did.
  4. 4. What makes up a typical Hip- Hop music video and a typical R&B video?• Our music video has been done to a song of Beyoncés called “Diva”. We have looked at many aspects that make up an American hip-hop and R&B music video and we have tried to conform to these idea‟s.• We want our artist to be more feminine than other artists associated with this genre (artists like “Missy Elliot” and “Young Money” don‟t create the correct visual‟s we want to create)• Our idea‟s for our artist is a typical urban hip-hop female – we usually associate characteristics such as; bling, sexy, and having attitude.• In this power point we are going to tell you what typical conventions make up a typical hip-hop music video.
  5. 5. Typical locations… The majority of hip-hop music video‟s are mainly shot in studios. And many use CGI backgrounds to make the video look interesting. By using a studio save‟s a lot of time and money as it is cheaper than having to go and a pay to shoot videos in the selected places. And also it takes up a lot less time by getting all the footage done in one place. Examples of this are;• Missy Elliot -• Khalil -
  6. 6. Typical characters• The artist‟s themselves are the characters in these music video‟s.• This is a good thing as it closes a link between the artist and the audience, it makes the audience become more familiar with the artist, or the brand image of the artist.• This is a really good thing because it makes the audience more aware of the artist‟s life and this could help the artist‟s promote themselves.
  7. 7. Typical Mise en Scene• The mise-en-scene is very specific to the brand image of the artist.• Hip-hop artist‟s will dress in a specific way to promote their brand image, and to make the audience aware of what genre this artist belongs to. The music video‟s will be created in order to promote the brand image of the artist, whilst releasing a new song.• It is shown that the video‟s main reason is to get more publicity and make the public aware of this artist.
  8. 8. Typical narrative• The main narrative behind many hip-hop music videos is, to show the expensive side to life. For example in many of their music videos they all create a brand image of expensive, and well known. This is what we expect in a typical music video linked to this genre.
  9. 9. Typical media language• The media language is very important in any music video as it is the different shots that help create the story of which the music video is telling the audience.• An example of this is in the hip hop genre is in the music video “goodies” in this video the story told is that this woman doesn‟t want to be seen as an easy piece of eye candy and wants to be respected.
  10. 10. Typical ideologies• The main ideology is based on love. This maybe having a love that didn‟t turn out or thinking they had what they wanted but it was all lies.• This ideology is typical in all types of genres.• The main ideology found evident in many music videos of this genre – is bling.
  11. 11. Example: Ludacris - My Chick Bad ft. Nicki Minaj• This music video is all shot in a studio which is typical of this genre.• Women (the back up dancers) are used in this music video mainly for the “male gaze”• Bright lights are used throughout this music video – as a way of showing off the brand image that is associated with many hip-hop artists. It is to show that they are expensive and the „main attraction‟.• The artists in this show are dressed up with bright expensive jewellery/ sunglasses/ and both are wearing black clothing (leather) to show off their image.
  12. 12. Example: Ciara Goodies ft. Petey Pablo• In this music video we are shown that this artist is really conforming to a typical hip hop music video.• The mise en scene – her costumes throughout this music video are very revealing – this is typical for this genre. Also most of the shots in this music video have shiny/ expensive cars in the background which is a typical aspect according to this type of music video.• The main characters all wear big expressive jewellery this is because as part of the audience we expect this – it helps to link into the brand images of the artists.• The ideology created by this music video – she is a sexy independent woman (the lyrics also relate to this idea.)
  13. 13. Example: Ciara - Like A Boy• In this music video – we are able to se that Andrew Goodwins theories are evident – for example the link between the visuals and the lyrics is very closely done. Even though Ciara still conforms to the ideas of what we as the audience expect to see in this genre of music videos, but she acts more like what we would expect by male artists in this genre of music.• Yet again this entire music video has been shot in a studio.• But the real interesting point I found in this music video, is that it is all shot in grey scale, this is quite unusual for a hip hop video. The main character (artist) has distinguished her self from the back up dancers by wearing bright white or pure black and this really works.