Audience Feedback


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Audience Feedback

  1. 1. What have you learned from your audience feedback ?<br />
  2. 2. Demographic profiling.<br />Firstly by using Demographic profiling we can determine the target audience.<br />Gender , race , age , and socio economic status.<br />G female<br />R any race<br />A 16-25<br />S<br />S c1/b<br />This then tells who we are aiming our music at , so for our audience feedback we used female participants between the age of 16-25 are any race and are all either middle or working class.<br />
  3. 3. Young and Rubicans.<br />If we use ‘Young and Rubicans' cross-cultural consumer characteristics it approaches people in terms of there personal aspirations. Our audience would be main streamers - 40% of the market, this is the largest section of the market , this group seeks security in conformity.<br />
  4. 4. Maslow's hierarchy.<br />Also using Maslow's hierarchy of needs , our video and ancillary tasks fulfil the belonging needs of our audience , Maslow says we have an innate need for the love and affection of others.<br />In the ancillary tasks it also fulfils the love and belonging needs , as we have pictured the same love shown in the video<br />With maslows hierarchy of needs telling me that our target audience full filling the belonging needs , this is good for us as our video portrays love between our artist and her partner showing the belonging needs that our audience could relate to.<br />
  5. 5. The teenage audience.<br />We have aimed for this audience because the teenage audience is a very large audience , with a lot of controversy, they are the biggest audience for experiencing music through concerts , using websites such as Youtube , MySpace and each website uses viral communications and music file sharing and distribution , being born in the boom of technology means they are more likely to access many media aspects to access music like the Internet , music channels , iTunes , radio and technologies like iPhones. Viral communications for a starting out artist such as ours means they have a good chance of being heard as if one person enjoys our track they may tell their friends to listen who will then tell there friends to listen meaning that that one track will have a wide distribution. Teenagers are said to have the most disposable income , as they generally have no bills this is ideal for our artist and record label as they can then spend money on CD's and Internet downloads.<br />
  6. 6. Secondary audience.<br />We are likely to have a secondary audience as mentioned in Genre , we have also appealed to a heartbreak audience , who have been upset by there recent relationship which may not just be 16-25 year olds and even just women. After the media uproar of the alleged violence between artists Rhianna and Chris brown , Rhianna offered 'authenticity' in her performance, lyrics and music in the video Russian Roulette which is allegedly about the incident , she related to a target audience of abused women which is possibly why the music video was very popular because people felt her emotion that she portrayed in her video. This is how we feel our video fits well with this convention.<br />
  7. 7. Audience feedback.<br /> This is the audience feedback for the questions we asked about our music video , we have used a sample of four girls , aged 16-18 this is the age range and gender our video appeals to.<br />Our audience questionnaires that we took at the beginning of the project , told us that pop music was very popular for 16-25 year olds.<br />So in our audience feedback taken after we had finished our final project we used the same age group. And gathered great feedback.<br />
  8. 8. What genre do you think our project is ?<br />
  9. 9. Does it look like typical music video ?<br />
  10. 10. Ancillary feedback.<br />In the video we used close shots so that the audience could relate to the performance , using props such as the rose helped the audience know that the song is about love memories and heartbreak. For the ancillary tasks we used bold fonts and colours with simplicity as we didn't want to over work the audience by trying to work out what they mean .<br /> The picture on the magazine cover is of the artist looking directly at the camera , this means that she is focusing her attention directly on the audience. The bold and large fonts mean they are easily seen and attract our audience straight to them they are also easier to read. The images themselves are clear and show the emotion well , and with the location means the audience can relate to the emotion. We did look for our logo font on but found a better looking one in microsoft word 'Brush stroke std'.<br />
  11. 11. Pro’s and Con’s taken from our audience feedback.<br />Our feedback told up that using the black and white flashbacks gave a clear view that those shots where memory flashbacks. The audience feedback also pointed out the rose in most of our shots symbolising love. Our audience has influenced the planning and construction of our final projects because we have had to be specific with the aspects of a pop music video , we had to be careful with how much performance and the amount of flashback shots we put in as we didn't want our audience to get bored or distracted.<br />From our audience feedback , it told us that the flashback shots worked well and that the close up shots also worked well. But the audience told us that they would have liked to have seen more flashbacks . In our original storyboard we did have more flashbacks but we felt that we had to many flashbacks and couldn't fit them in well enough. This is disappointing because our project could need more , this is good criticism and is effective to know for if we ever did a similar project. If we could do it again we would put more shots in as we didn't have a lot of different one's in. We would also have included more flashbacks.<br />