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Pse oorientation13 for web


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Pse oorientation13 for web

  1. 1. Supplemental OrientationInformation for PSEO Students
  2. 2. Welcome! PSEO Students are responsible for viewing and knowing the program information in this power point and on the corresponding handout.
  3. 3. Supplemental Orientation Information for PSEO Students PSEO Handbook – Here you will find answers to most of your questions about Ohio’s PSEO Program.
  4. 4. What Classes Can I Take? PSEO students will choose classes with the help of their high school counselors and LCCC Academic Advisors Students can choose High school / college core courses or general education requirements or electives.
  5. 5. Choosing Courses Take electives for fun and personal interests. Classes can be chosen for transfer to a four year school upon high school graduation. Remember when choosing courses that you must have a 3.0 GPA in subject area that you wish to take.
  6. 6. Restricted Courses All Allied Health Clinical Courses EDCT 111, 171 ECED (all courses) EMSB & EMSP (all courses) PEFT 151 (minimum age 16)
  7. 7. Transfer Resources Ohio Transfer Module Courses – transfer of these classes is guaranteed to any Ohio public college or university. Counselors at Transferring Institutions U-select -find LCCC course equivalencies at: LCCC transcripts are FREE!!! Don’t forget to request them to be sent to colleges after high school graduation using MyCampus!
  8. 8. How Do I Get My Books? Books and required supplies are free (consumable supplies are not covered). Books remain the property of LCCC and must be returned at the end of the semester. You are not permitted to sell PSEO books back to the bookstore for cash! While you are using the books, treat them as your own (underlining, highlighting etc).
  9. 9. If taking classes for fall semester at LCCC or an outreach center… Books can be purchased in early August at the LCCC Bookstore. Bring your printed schedule to the Bookstore and staff will help you to select required materials. Always identify yourself as a PSEO student! Books must be returned to the bookstore at the end of the term.
  10. 10. How Do I Get My LCCC ID? Your LCCC ID can be obtained in early August at the Library. Bring your printed schedule to the Library and staff will take your picture. You can and should get an LCCC ID even if you are taking all LCCC classes at your high school site.
  11. 11. LCCC Student Services - NoMatter Where You Are Taking Classes • Computer labs • Physical education facilities • Career development services • Advising and counseling services • Free tutoring services • Use of the library/Ohio link • Discounts at local establishments
  12. 12. What About Holidays and Vacation Days? Semester dates, vacations and holidays and snow days at the college sites may not coincide with your high school’s schedule. As a PSEO student, you will follow the LCCC calendar for your LCCC classes on campus or at one of the outreach centers. Check the LCCC calendar in the online catalog before the semester begins.
  13. 13. What Should I do if I Get Into Academic Trouble? Talk to your instructor! – he or she can help you identify problem areas. Utilize office hours! Talk to your high school counselor. Talk to your academic advisor at LCCC.
  14. 14. Get Tutoring! Tutoring is free (2 hours per week). Academic Support Center – (440) 366-4057
  15. 15. Schedule Adjustment vs. Withdrawal? Schedule adjustments can be done anytime before the term begins without a charge. Adjustments can also be made after the term starts but must be done before the schedule adjustment period ends. Courses that are “dropped” will not appear on your transcript.
  16. 16. Schedule Adjustments (cont.) Once a class starts, you will not be dropped at full refund and may have to pay your district for the lost funds. Schedule adjustments can be processed after you meet with an advisor. You should notify your High School counselor of any changes.
  17. 17. Withdrawals Changing a course selection after the adjustment period is considered a withdrawal and will appear as a “W” on your transcript but isn’t computed into GPA. Withdrawals require additional paperwork and you must meet with your high school counselor and an LCCC academic advisor. You will be asked to pay your district back for the entire cost of the course.
  18. 18. Make It Official! There is a limited time to withdraw from a course – (until the 12th week of a 16 week semester). Check the catalog calendar! Complete a PSEO “Withdrawal Notice Form” at your high school with your counselor. Next, bring that form to LCCC and process an LCCC withdrawal with an academic advisor.
  19. 19. Caution! Do not stop attending without officially withdrawing – You will receive an “F” grade. An “F” grade is calculated into your Grade Point Average, while a “W” is a non- punitive grade and isn’t calculated into GPA.
  20. 20. Caution! Both “F” and “W” grades may affect your high school graduation! You will have to pay your district back for an “F” or “W”. Talk to your high school counselor and LCCC advisor before you make a decision!
  21. 21. How do I Schedule Classes Next Semester and Next Year? PSEO registration starts at LCCC a week after other students. Blue form and letter will arrive in mail in Oct. See your high school counselor to complete blue form. Make an appointment at LCCC by calling X4033.
  22. 22.  Parents will not get an “interim” report or other contact from teachers. Discuss the importance of communicating with you with your student! Grades reported for high school should be same as college grades/ Name of college will be noted. LCCC does not use + or – grading scale.
  23. 23. What is Needed for Success in PSEO (according to PSEO graduates)? Time management and the ability to adhere to deadlines Good attendance Self discipline and maturity
  24. 24. Do Not Hesitate to Call! If you have any other questions about PSEO or need assistance, please call 440-366-4033.Have a Great Semester!