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2013 PSEO Presentation for Midpoint Campus Center


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2013 PSEO Presentation for Midpoint Campus Center

  1. 1.  Post Secondary Enrollment Option B (PSEO B) Credit-in-Escrow/ Option A
  2. 2.  Free tuition and books Counts on high school transcript and college transcript Must be taken during the academic year Fall deadline for application – June 15th
  3. 3.  Paid for by student and parents Counts on college transcript / May also be used for high school credit Classes can be taken during the summer as well as the academic year Deadline for application – 3 weeks prior to start of term
  4. 4. Freshman Sophomore 3.9 GPA for 7 & 8 grade  3.7 GPA for 8 & 9 grade accumulation accumulation Complete assessment  Complete assessmentJunior Senior 3.5 high school GPA  3.0 high school GPA Complete assessment  Complete assessment
  5. 5.  If students do not  For example: meet the GPA  If a student has a 3.0 requirements for GPA in math, they PSEO-B, they can can take a college take a class in one level math. area that they have a special talent in.
  6. 6.  Students can choose general education or core courses that will transfer to state colleges and universities. Students can choose electives or other courses that they find interesting or cannot take at the high school that may help in career exploration or to prepare for college expectations.
  7. 7. Freshmen◦ one course per semester◦ must meet prerequisite Juniors and Seniors ◦ equivalent of a high school Sophomores day◦ two or more courses per ◦ must meet prerequisite semester may be allowed◦ must meet prerequisite
  8. 8. # of periods in your high school day (excluding the standard lunch period)_# of Carnegie units you are taking through your high school__________________________________re sult multiplied by 5
  9. 9.  Students should notify middle/high school of intent to participate (get intent form from school) by March 30 Complete college application AS SOON AS YOU DECIDE to PARTICIPATE . Turn in to HS immediately! Discuss college course selections with your high school counselor and have them send in school transcript.
  10. 10.  Most Colleges require students to take COMPASS Assessment. Check for sample questions and lab hours. Or…Submit ACT/SAT scores to college.
  11. 11. Benefits & Cautions
  12. 12.  Attend college while still in high school Count credits for both high school and college Use credits at college or transfer credits Complete college degree in fewer terms and with greater flexibility Reduce overall costs of college education
  13. 13.  at
  14. 14. Cost Per Semester HourLCCC $ 103.05 CSU $ 373.00KSU $ 425.00 Univ. of Akron $ 385.19Univ. of Toledo $ 316.58 Baldwin-Wallace $ 820.00CWRU $1,615.00 Oberlin College $ 1780.00John Carroll Univ. $ 935.00Above tuition is for Universities on a Semester System for academic year 2011/2012
  15. 15.  Offset the difficult process of obtaining scholarships Take courses not available at high school Increase opportunities for career exploration Experience diversity by exposure to students of different backgrounds, ages and beliefs
  16. 16.  College Site: student is removed from the high school environment HB 282, 3.0 high school GPA is required in subject area
  17. 17.  Grades earned in college coursework may affect high school class rank College grades are usually computed into GPA (depends on school policy) • Some schools add quality points for college courses, like they would for honors courses • Even an A in a college class can sometimes negatively impact student’s class rank
  18. 18.  Students may find it more difficult to partake in high school extra-curricular activities Students will be exposed to course- work geared toward adult learners Students may not have the maturity for the college atmosphere
  19. 19.  College transcripts are permanent records Students retain entering freshman status toward federal and state financial aid--check with receiving institution about their scholarships School districts will seek financial restitution if student fails or withdraws from a course
  20. 20.  High school graduation may be jeopardized if a student fails or drops a college course that is also being used for high school credit. • Work closely with high school counselor • Give your absolute best effort • Talk to your instructors! • Get help/tutoring if necessary
  21. 21.  Students will follow college calendar. Breaks and days off and finals may differ. FERPA – No interim reports or parent conferences…
  22. 22. Thanks for coming out this evening!