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SMCKC November Breakfast: VML and Snapchat - Building A Millennial Following


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Learn how the VML team approached the content calendar, media rollout and logistics leading up to this “Snap Your Way In” concert and tourism effort.

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SMCKC November Breakfast: VML and Snapchat - Building A Millennial Following

  1. 1. 1 TeNnEsSeEToUrIsMSnApChAtLaUnCh
  2. 2. 6
  3. 3. ThEOpPoRtUnItY The percentage of millennial travelers going to Tennessee and engaging with Tennessee Tourism content was declining. At the time, Snapchat had a monopoly on millennials and offered an opportunity to connect with this hard-to-reach younger audience. Snapchat + TN content and access was the perfect marriage to give younger audiences the exclusive content they desire while showcasing the state. 3
  4. 4. OuRChAlLeNgEs Generating a mass of followers on a platform where discovery is not the main focus of the platform. Millennials aren’t traveling, they’re chasing something: the share-able experiences that normal life simply doesn’t offer. 4
  5. 5. OuRStRaTeGy Provide exclusive access to experiences that only Tennessee can offer with unique perspectives and giveaways that highlight the entire state and inspire travel. Snap Your Way In: Turn Snapchat into the box office for the world’s most exclusive concert event. 5
  6. 6. 7 Ω
  7. 7. 25 26 TeAsEr CoNtEnTLaUnCh 27 EmAiL 28 29 EmAiL 30 1 2 3 PrEsS CoNfErEnCe BlEuBiRd EmAiL 4 CaMpAiGnMeDiA LaUnCh TiCkEt ReLeAsE#1 5 ArTiStTaKeOvEr LaUnCh EmAiL 6 7 TiCkEtReLeAsE #2 BoBbYBoNeS EmAiL 8 CoOkEvIlLlE 9 10 11 12 13 TiCkEtReLeAsE #5 BoBbYBoNeS EmAiL UsA ToDaYSwEePs 14 HiTcHiNPoSt/ BrIsToL UsA ToDaY SwEePs 15 ElLa GuRu UsA ToDaY SwEePs NyT Ad TiCkEt ReLeAsE #3 EmAiL TiCkEtReLeAsE #4 BoBbYBoNeS EmAiL BoBbYBoNeS UsA ToDaY SwEePs 16 TiCkEt ReLeAsE #6 EmAiL UsA ToDaYSwEePs 17 TiCkEtReLeAsE #7 UsA ToDaY SwEePs 18 BoBbY BoNeS EmAiL 19 TiCkEt ReLeAsE #8 PaNcAkE PaNtRy BoBbY BoNeS 20 PyRaMiD 21 BoBbY bOnEs EmAiL 22 23 NaShViLlEFaIrGrOuNdS 24 7D CeLeBrAtIoN EvEnT BuDs oN BrOaDwAy 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 1 2 3 4 5 TiMeLiNe
  9. 9. PaId 12 Paid Social YouTube Bumper Ads Paid Search Pandora Print OOH
  10. 10. PaId SoCiAl Targeting Garth Brooks fans that recognized the logo was successful in driving on-post engagement and excitement, specifically on mobile. Teaser and launch content was amplified across Facebook and Instagram TeAsEr LaUnCh
  11. 11. YoUtUbE BuMpEr AdS, 
 PaIdSeArCh +PaNdOrA YouTube Bumper Ads The :06 Bumper ads on YouTube were a quick and effective way to illicit urgency and excitement to a targeted audience. Paid Search Launch ad copy outperformed Teaser ad copy with the addition of “Free Event” and the prospect of tickets on the landing page. Pandora Launch ad copy outperformed Teaser ad copy with the addition of “Free Event” and the prospect of tickets on the landing page.
  12. 12. PrInT +OuT-oF-HoMeReach and awareness in key Garth Brooks fan markets
  13. 13. 23 OwNeDOrganic Social Email Website
  14. 14. 25 Pyramid in Memphis Nashville FanFair Bluebird Cafe Pancake Pantry Ella Guru SeVeNStOrIeS COOKEVILLE, TN Cookeville Birthplace of Country Music Hitching Post
  15. 15. 7SnApChAtStOrIeS Knoxville Nashville Pancake Pantry Memphis Nashville Fan Fair
  16. 16. CoMmUnItY MaNaGeMeNt Facebook While the Facebook channel generally doesn’t see a lot of conversation, this campaign sparked conversation and improved our response rate increased to 72%. Twitter Twitter conversation generated more than 930k impressions and increased mentions by 451%.
  17. 17. FaCeBoOkEvEnTPaGe Facebook Event Page The most successful organic tactic (beyond community management efforts). This tactic provided an ideal organic space for conversation and communication. Users received notifications when we posted in the event page and/or details were updated and thus, this tactic is ideal for brand activation promotion. This tactic directly engaged with the majority of our target audiences
  18. 18. GaRtH+ PaRtNeRShArEs Garth Shares Whenever Garth Brooks posted or we shared a post, it sparked conversation across organic and paid content. An engaged weekly audience on the Studio G Facebook Live segments ensured that the campaign stayed top-of- mind for fans. TN Travel Partner Shares Partners weregiven details on the campaign and 7 stories with actionable ways to support the campaign.
  19. 19. EmAiL+WeBsItE
  20. 20. 40 EaRnEd 10/3 Press Conference Bluebird Sirius XM Broadcast Dallas/Radio Remotes Radio Sweepstakes USA Today Sweepstakes
  21. 21. PrEsSCoNfErEnCe+RaDiO 10/3 Press Conference Generated more than 368 million impressions with international coverage including: •Australia •Canada •Germany •Ireland •Singapore •Thailand •United Arab Emirates •United Kingdom Bluebird Radio Broadcast Garth’s return to the Bluebird was broadcast on his Sirius channel with 32 million subscribers. Dallas Radio Remotes This unique opportunity generated 56 million impressions.
  22. 22. UsAToDaYSwEePsTaKeS Entries Total entries: 25,308 Promo Landing Page/Sweeps Entry Total Page Views: 81,895 ROS Digital Ads Impressions: 4,639,469 Email Blasts Sent to: 1,028,790subscribers Open Rate: 20.2% National Print Half page color ad Average reach: 975,139
  23. 23. ArTiStCoNgRaTs Artist Congrats (Totals from all takeovers) 584,000 views 1,283 replays
  24. 24. DAY OF SHOW
  25. 25. SpOnSoRsHiP +InFlUeNcErS Amazon sponsored a watch party outside the amphitheater 7,000+ people in attendance at the park viewing party. Fritos set-up a display with 3,500 bags of chips giveaway. Influencers 674k content views; content focused on teasing event or driving to TN Snapchat 1 long-form piece of content
  26. 26. CoNcErTCoNvErSaTiOn Multiple Day-Of Geofilters Generated 376k views with a minimal budget, resulting in $.001 CPV Celebrity Mentions Amplified and added authenticity to the experience.
  27. 27. CoNcErTCoNvErSaTiOn High volume of conversation Despite connectivity issues
  28. 28. THANK YOU