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SMCKC June Breakfast: The DEG Strategy Behind Livestreaming


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Live is the buzzword on every social media marketers tongue right now - but how do you capitalize on the trend, meet your audience in the moment, and get executive buy-in to broadcast live?

With social channels like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more launching features that make it easier than ever to connect to fans live, time is of the essence to capitalize on a feature still underutilized by most marketers.

Whether your CEO is nervous to make a mistake on-air or you feel like you don’t have the right equipment to make your go-live moment shine, this session will guide you through how to make livestreaming a reality.

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SMCKC June Breakfast: The DEG Strategy Behind Livestreaming

  1. 1. SMCKC: Strategy Behind Livestreaming @JenForrestKC
  2. 2. @JenForrestKC, Director of Social Media at DEG Experience with various business verticals: consumer, CPG, corporate, B2B, finance and healthcare Worked in most facets of marketing – branding, communications, PR, digital, ecommerce and (of course) social Currently work with clients to enhance their social media strategies and cross-channel digital marketing efforts Introduction
  3. 3. — Evolution of live Planning for success Unscripted story Going live Questions Agenda
  4. 4. Evolution of Live
  5. 5. Live Video Landscape
  6. 6. Is live video a big deal? Facebook Video views (including Live) could eclipse 64 billion video views per day by August 2017 (Source: Techcrunch) Image Image
  7. 7. Is live video a big deal? Image Image 1 billion hours of content are viewed on YouTube every day. That’s 114,000 years worth of video watched every day. (Source: YouTube)
  8. 8. Is live video a big deal? Image Image Facebook Live videos are watched 3x longer than videos that aren’t live anymore. (Source: Facebook)
  9. 9. Is live video a big deal? Image Image Users comment on Facebook Live videos at 10x the rate of regular videos. (Source: Wired)
  10. 10. Mobile first world 6-second attention span Video obsession ”In the moment” value Instant engagement and feedback Considerations Live Video Landscape
  11. 11. Benefits Live Video Landscape Opportunity to engage in real-time Demonstrates authenticity which builds trust Humanizes companies and brands
  12. 12. Companies and brands are using live video to meet their audience in the moment, in the channel of their choosing with the right message at the right time. THE OPPORTUNITY
  13. 13. How do I sell it in? Who manages it? What channels should I be using? How do I measure success? Video has caught our attention.
  14. 14. Live Video 201
  15. 15. 3…2...1... Live Video 201 Planning for success. Story unscripted. Going live.
  16. 16. Live Video 201: Planning for Success
  17. 17. Process Live Video 201: Planning for Success
  18. 18. Do your research to understand your audience, their behavior and use of social media. Define what social channels will help you reach the right audience, how and who is going to manage it. Compliment or integrate into existing content strategy. Consider what each channel is ”best” at doing - then determine how your approach on each may vary. Don’t force channels that don’t make sense for your target audience or what you’re trying to accomplish. Define where to play Live Video 201: Planning for Success
  19. 19. Get buy-in early Live Video 201: Planning for Success. Have a nervous executive or legal team? Educate on trend + benefits Collaborate early + often Prepare with their approvals or try a test Make the case for resources Don’t chase the shiny object if it’s not going to drive the results you need
  20. 20. Set the tone Live Video 201: Planning for Success Brand Positioning Target Consumer Passion Branded Content Strategy
  21. 21. How are you going to do it? Live Video 201: Planning for Success Research your options. Remember WIFI. Define roles. Prep community engagement. Let the story guide decisions.
  22. 22. Five Fundamentals: Planning for Success Research and listen. What are your competitors doing? What are people saying about your brand? Activate the right channel mix. Launch or integrate with a defined social media strategy. Match content to audience. Set the right tone + content strategy. Before diving in, make sure live is right. Prepare for the worst. Expect the best. Plan for both scenarios. Get buy-in early. Get your resources ready. Staff? Equipment?
  23. 23. Live Video 201: Unscripted story
  24. 24. Live video changes the way story happens.
  25. 25. It’s the simple joys in life… Live Video 201: Unscripted Story
  26. 26. Creative Process Live Video 201: Unscripted Story Insight ExecutionCreative
  27. 27. Live Event: Creating an experience Behind-the-Scenes: Exclusive access Q&A with Experts: Authentic conversation Product Reveal: Create hype and get feedback Crisis: Real-time live moments How-To: Step-by-step tutorials Concept: Creative Insight & Purpose Live Video 201: Unscripted Story
  28. 28. Purpose can take many forms Live Video 201: Unscripted Story Entertain • Create intrigue • Instill suspense • Make them laugh • Have fun Educate • Be transparent • Be credible • Peak curiosity • Provide information Inspire • Be relatable • Have heart • Have purpose • Be timeline
  29. 29. Concept: Format, Talent and Location Live Video 201: Unscripted Story
  30. 30. Story vs. Script Live Video 201: Unscripted Story Intro The Hook See It Happen Result
  31. 31. Five Fundamentals: Unscripted Story Find and use a creative insight. Don’t assume your content is interesting. Story vs. script. Be purposeful. Consider time. Plan ahead. Be authentic. Be human. Balance production and authenticity. Engage and be engaging. Be personal. Connect with your audience. Run-throughs are your friend. Practice your story, but embrace the unknown.
  32. 32. Live Video 201: Going Live
  33. 33. Create excitement Live Video 201: Going Live
  34. 34. Paid social integration Live Video 201: Going Live Consider integrating paid social into overall strategy. Launch sponsored post following live stream. Verified accounts – beta live promotion with accelerated delivery.
  35. 35. Encourage conversation to influence the live moment. Actively manage the conversation. Educate audience + potentially use as opportunity to drive website traffic or create leads. Personalize answer delivery. Incentivize if you can. Community engagement Live Video 201: Going Live
  36. 36. Go live when you have a strong connection. Remember, the majority of viewers come in and out as they please. Give frequent story chapter reminders. You don’t need to talk the entire time. Consistency matters. Wrap it up. Once you’re live Live Video 201: Going Live
  37. 37. Five Fundamentals: Going Live Remember to promote. Think integrated. Consider paid social. Know how to activate and get to work. Equipment and technology can help. Testing 1,2,3. Test, test, test. WIFI? check. Audio? Check. Make it easy to follow and prompt. Remember reintroductions. Incentive engagement and conversation. Test and learn. If at first you don’t succeed, try again.
  38. 38. Measuring Success Pre-Event During Post-Event Registrations/Event RSVPS Engagement on Teaser Content Viewership Retention Rate Questions Engagement Impressions/Reach CTR Cost per View Cost per Engagement
  39. 39. Measuring Success: Live Video Align on goals before execution. Success looks different for every organization. Measure the right KPIs. Align KPIs to the type of content you’re producing. Implement measurement and tracking tools early. Build foundation for reporting. Continuously report, improve and evolve strategy. Don’t set it and forget it. Fail fast. Think integrated – not just about social. Source of viewers, clicks, web traffic, time watched, number of actions (purchases, leads, etc.)
  40. 40. Questions? @JenForrestKC
  41. 41. Thank you!