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SMCKC February Breakfast - Social Media as an Extension of Hospitality


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The job of anyone in the hospitality industry is to feed, nurture and entertain people. It makes sense that social media has entered the hospitality as a natural extension of that goal, since much of social media is meant to entertain. Ça Va’s owner and general manager Caitlin Corcoran will discuss what it looks like to develop a social media strategy for a hospitality brand and how that strategy ultimately enables guests to build a lasting relationship with that brand.

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SMCKC February Breakfast - Social Media as an Extension of Hospitality

  1. 1. Social Media as an Extension of Hospitality Caitlin Corcoran — Ça Va Owner & General Manager
  2. 2. #champagneforthepeople @CaVaKC @caitcork
  3. 3. Hi, I’m Caitlin.
  4. 4. Just a quick tour of Ça Va… 4149 Pennsylvania (South Edge of Westport) Tuesday - Saturday 4 p.m. - 1 a.m. Sunday Champagne Brunch 11 a.m. - 3 p.m.
  5. 5. “Service describes how you technically deliver a product. Hospitality describes you make the recipient of that product feel.” — Danny Meyer 25-time James Beard Award winner and famed restaurateur behind Union Square Hospitality.
  6. 6. When has hospitality blown you away? (Answer the question, win a prize!)
  7. 7. Social media sells stuff.
  8. 8. Sales vs Instagram Followers
  9. 9. The basics. Post: 1-3 times a day # of followers: 7,400 Post: 1-2 a week # of likes: 5,400 Posts: TRY 1-2 day # of followers:1,667
  10. 10. All about that #hashtaglife #champagneforthepeople #WestportKC #FeastAGram #instakc #visitkc #eeeeeattts #champagnelife #f52grams #growerchampagne #roséallday #petnat #weekendvibes #howisummer
  11. 11. Poll time! Example A Example B VS
  12. 12. Food porn
  13. 13. Getting people in the door
  14. 14. Behind the scenes
  15. 15. Keeping the conversation going
  16. 16. Deep dive time
  17. 17. Photos here of posts during the liquor license ordeal
  18. 18. Get political.
  19. 19. When has a business you’ve followed gotten political, and how has it made you feel? (Answer the question, win a prize!)
  20. 20. Let’s talk engagement. Rieger: Engagement: 605 // Reach 2,976 Croissants: Engagement 222 // Reach 2,000 Table Setting: Engagement 253 // Reach 2,507
  21. 21. Here’s where we’re going.
  22. 22. Thanks! Questions? Comments? Want to book an event?