Ds 11 government passport application requirements


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DS-11 Passport Application Required Documentation

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  • Thought-provoking suggestions ! BTW , if anyone has been searching for a DS-11 , my wife encountered a sample version here http://goo.gl/Ch1r9Z.
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Ds 11 government passport application requirements

  1. 1. PassportsPassports Mr. Shawn McGriff July 5, 2014 DS-11 Passport Application (No-Fee) Military & DoD Civilians
  2. 2. What is a Passport?What is a Passport?  Internationally recognized travel document attesting to the identity and nationality of the bearer  Indicates that its bearer is entitled to receive the protection and assistance of the diplomatic and consular offices of their country while abroad  Also is a request by the issuing government that foreign governments permit the bearer to travel or reside temporarily in their territories and grant lawful aid and protection
  3. 3. FormsForms DS-11 Government No- Fee Passport Application
  4. 4. Application/RequirementsApplication/Requirements Complete and Print Online passport application (www.travel.state.gov) DS-11 You can submit a passport OR Birth Certificate with this form. 2 Passport Photos (members expense) The background must be white and you can’t be in your military uniform. Location for photos
  5. 5. Application/RequirementsApplication/Requirements continuedcontinued Walgreens/CVS drug store takes passport photos at any location. Must have white passport background Proof of United States Citizenship Original Birth Certificate (DS-11 Application) Original Naturalization Document U.S. Passport (DS-11 or DS-82 Application)
  6. 6. Application/RequirementsApplication/Requirements ContinuedContinued A copy of the front and back of your CAC ID must have new DOD number on back of ID. For eligible family members additional requirements Original Marriage Certificate Copy of front and back dependent ID card
  7. 7. Application/RequirementsApplication/Requirements ContinuedContinued All Applicants must be present at the appointment including children A DS-3053 is required if one of the parents is not able to attend. Must bring orders or assignment notification letters or deployment tasking letters.
  8. 8. Timelines & Expiration DatesTimelines & Expiration Dates Average time period to get a passport from the State Department is about six to eight weeks. NOTE: All countries require a passport to have at least six (6) months' validity prior to entry into their country. There are some countries that require nine (9) months' validity.
  9. 9. Important Things to RememberImportant Things to Remember  Travelers traveling to a country that requires a VISA can NOT travel until the effective date of the VISA.   The following countries are countries that require VISAs and to which the Navy Passenger Transportation Office (NAVPTO) frequently book travel to:  Korea, Bahrain, Italy, England,     Less frequently traveled places include: Saudi Arabia, some South American countries.  Always check the Foreign Clearance Guide for the latest country VISA requirements
  10. 10. TATA ResponsibilitiesResponsibilities Transportation Assistants (TAs) are to be familiar with VISA requirements, however, all inquiries are to be referred to the Passport Agent.
  11. 11. ReferencesReferences DoD Passport and Passport Agent Services DoD 1000.21-E Quality Control, Distribution and Disposition DoD 1000.21-R Passport Training Handbook
  12. 12. ReviewReview 1. What is the purpose of the DS-11 Form? 2. Describe the correct forms of identification required to obtain a NO-Fee Government passport? 3. Recall the requirements for family members to obtain a No-Fee Government passport? 4. State the passport photo requirement. 5. Complete the DS-11 Form
  13. 13. AnswersAnswers 1. DS-11 is used to obtain a No-Fee Passport for military and DoD civilians 2. Certified birth certificate or passport 3. Marriage license/birth certificate or tourist passport, copy of the dependents I.D. Card and orders. 4 2 Photos with black & white background (no uniform). 5. Review the DS-11 passport application /package for accuracy
  14. 14. QuestionsQuestions ?