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SMDallas Sponsorship Opportunities and Benefits


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Benefits of sponsoring Social Media Dallas #SMDallas for meetings, special events, SIG events, speakers and food.

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SMDallas Sponsorship Opportunities and Benefits

  1. 1. SPONSORSHIP BENEFITS Contact: Neil:: VP of Sponsorship Revised: March 2016
  2. 2. Social Media Dallas (SMDallas) is a professional networking organization led by seasoned marketing and PR professionals who are passionate about exploring and sharing best practices in digital and social media marketing. Our sponsors help us provide a venue, food and quality speakers for our meetings as well as allow us to host TweetUps and other networking events, providing them the opportunity to present their message to an engaged and influential audience. WHO WE ARE
  3. 3. Benefits • Enhances the reputation and image of the sponsoring company through association. • Gives product and consumer-oriented brands high visibility among key audiences. • Gives service and online marketing-oriented brands ability to showcase messages to a highly-targeted, relevant group of marketing decision makers. • Provides a focal point for marketing efforts and sales campaigns. • Generates awareness, publicity and media coverage. WHY SPONSOR If you are looking to drive awareness of your brand and products or services, our club offers a unique collection of online influencers in the DFW area.
  4. 4. REACH • We average 80 to 100 people at regular monthly events. Special events draw 150 to 175+ people. • Pre-event promotion reaches 3,000 people via email, 4,700 people via Facebook, and 15,700 people via Twitter from SMDallas brand alone. • Retweets, shares and reposts are a positive side-effect of marketing to social people • The amplified reach of just our annual Ambassador and business members is estimated to be 300,000+
  5. 5. AUDIENCE DEMOGRAPHICS • You’ll reach Dallas-focused marketing and creative professionals with these characteristics: • Decision-makers: 77% are managers, senior managers, executives or owners • Buyers: approximately 80% have a role in evaluating, recommending or purchasing—typically social software, advertising, marketing services or food.
  6. 6. SIG PROGRAMS • In addition to monthly meetings, we periodically offer Special Interest Group programs. These are targeted, hands-on learning sessions for more intimate groups. • SIG programs provide the same extensive exposure to our audience as a regular monthly meeting, including the same email and social reach. • Since SIG programs have fewer event-day attendees, sponsorships are available for a smaller price—starting at just $350, which typically helps to defray food/drink costs for attendees.
  7. 7. • We can create a tailored package to meet your needs and budget. • Sponsorship availability is limited and will be awarded on a first-come basis. • Availability: • One Presenting Sponsor per event • One Platinum Sponsor per event • We may have multiple Gold and Silver sponsors • At least one in-kind food sponsor • In addition, we can create custom sponsorship packages for more continuous exposure, such as an annual or quarterly sponsorship. SPONSORSHIP NOTES
  8. 8. SMDallas hosts monthly meetings featuring industry leaders in the social media, PR, and marketing space. Attendees range from interns to CEOs and everyone in between! Sponsorship opportunities start at $500 at the Silver level. We work directly with small and large brands, as well as agencies that represent them. This is a great way to reach the best and brightest in digital marketing in Dallas. MEETING SPONSORSHIPS Guy Kawasaki, speaking on the Art of Social Media
  9. 9. • Food sponsors provide food and/or desserts for pre-event networking • Our events average 80 to 100 attendees, food is usually provided for 60 to 80 people. • Coupons or gift-card giveaways generally perform well to drive additional awareness for food sponsors • SMDallas will promote food sponsor’s social channels pre-, during and post- event FOOD SPONSORSHIP
  10. 10. TWEETUPS To facilitate more networking, SMDallas hosts semi-regular Ambassador events. Sponsorship is available to reach this influential group. This sponsorship is ideal for venues such as bars, restaurants, hotels and other entertainment venues.
  11. 11. IN-KIND SPONSORSHIP We also welcome in-kind services and product donations, such as: • Hotel and/or airfare for speakers • Promotional items (that can be customized for SM Dallas) • Name tags • Food and beverages • Event and meeting space • Entertainment services • Items for speaker gifts, door prizes and volunteer appreciation • Gift certificates • Marketing books • Event tickets • Photo and video services
  12. 12. SPEAKER SPONSORSHIP Our speakers typically generously donate their time, but if you and/or your organization would like to recommend and possibly sponsor a speaker, please contact us. Sponsorship opportunities are also available for hotel and travel accommodations for our speakers Brian Fanzo, iSocialFanz Scott Monty
  13. 13. PREVIOUS SPONSORS A special thanks to the sponsors of Social Media Dallas!
  14. 14. SPONSORSHIP INFORMATION We are happy to work with agencies or directly with brands. Contact for more information! Contact: Neil :: VP of Sponsorship Revised: March 2016