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Research project education


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Research project education

  1. 1. AS Sociology: Education Research Project: Gender & Subject Choice Research Project – BriefingThe topic that you will be researching is about how gender may influencesubject choice at school.You will need to research and look at concepts like what is gender, howgender can influence subject choice and other factors which mayinfluence subject choice?The primary task is to create a question looking at how gender myinfluence subject choice today and how this may have changed in recentyears.This is an ACTIVE piece of research which involves you using interviews,observation, questionnaires etc to research your chosen question.Your project should have information under these headings: o Introduction: Introduce the topic you will be studying. o Literature review: This is where you look at SOCIOLOGICAL studies relating to your research topic. o Methodology: Include your aims here – what do you want to achieve from this research? Have you a question that you want to try and prove or disprove? What methods are using to research this topic? Are there any ethical considerations that you need to be aware of? All of this needs to be considered during this section. o Results: What are your results? o Analysis: How can you interpret your results SOCIOLOGICALLY? o Conclusions: What are the conclusions from your research? o Evaluation: Students looking for the higher marks will be aiming to look critically at their research. What could have been improved? Highest marks will be awarded to those using validity, reliability and generalisability in the correct ways (this section is working on your AO2 skills).