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Media & Sexuality


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Media & Sexuality

  1. 1. Representations of sexuality in the media
  2. 2. Starter: Sexuality and Moral Panics• Paedophilesin 2001, the Daily Mail asked: "Who can forget the targeting of an innocent childrens doctor in Portsmouth by a populace too ignorant and enraged to recognise the difference between paedophile and paediatrician?“Read the news Article “Whispering Game” from the BBC 2006 to find the truth.
  3. 3. Whispering Game Which aspects of this story make itconstitute a moral Explain the panic confusion Identify and compare the How does this roles of the story compare tovarious media an urban myth ?commentators
  4. 4. WWLT• By the end of today’s lesson you will• Know examples of moral panics to do with sexuality are created in the media• Know how homosexuality is distorted often in the media• Be able to compare and evaluate your anecdotal knowledge with sociological discourse about homosexuality in the media
  5. 5. Sexuality: refers to peoples sexual Homosexuality - Illegalcharacteristics & their sexual behaviour until 1967 In BritainSexual orientation: refers to the type ofpeople that individuals are either physically Homosexuals areor romantically attracted to. subjected to periodicHeterosexual: involves a sexual orientation moral panics regardingtowards people of the opposite sex their supposedlyHomosexuality: involves a sexual orientation ‘unnatural’ practicestowards people of the same sex Media Representation of Don’t forget moral Sexuality panics ! “gay plague” Representation of homosexualityGay men: Gay women: Things are changing:effeminate & butch More gay and lesbiancamp short hair characters in dramas, filmsmacho aggressive & soaps, such as; Brokebackdeviant hairy Mountain, Holyoaks and Willflamboyant dungarees and Grace.funny
  6. 6. 1980’s Moral panic : HIV “Gay Plague” The media vilified Rock Hudson changed itHollywood charged against it
  7. 7. British TV Advert• With typical reserve the British TV advert warning us about HIV contained Lilies and a tombstone!
  8. 8. 1990’s moral panic: Promsicuous teenage girls & benefitsNewspapers pilloried young teenage mums The Sun got it wrongAnd little Britain was there to satirise it all
  9. 9. Media Representations of teenage sexuality• Assumes: 16 plus sexually active Contraception female reponsibility No examples of how to deal with safe sex or STI’s Still stereotypes of females talking men boasting Failure to represent sexual diversity No positive images of gay and lesbian Extension: read the Batchelor et al paper
  10. 10. Homosexuality• effeminate & camp• macho• deviant• flamboyant• funny
  11. 11. Soap operas – ongoing less stereotypical • The BBC has been flooded with 145 complaints after screening a gay kiss on EastEnders before the 9pm watershed. • Daily Mail 2008But still under represneted as characters Gauntlett
  12. 12. Prime time changing :
  13. 13. Heterosexual portrayal of Homosexual• Sanitised• Not scare away advertisers• Gay straight romance
  14. 14. Queer As Folk• Russell T Davies Series, US version was boycotted by brands such as Abercrombie and Fitch
  15. 15. Advertising and gays• Commercial closet – 1700 ads from 33 countries• Acceptance• Pink pound (Ikea first gay advert)• Women kissing “eroticised”• Gay men, object of women’s desire
  16. 16. Task• Choose one of the themes from today• Research in more depth and produce a mind map which you can share• Try to reflect commentary
  17. 17. Review
  18. 18. Put here, one question which you would like answering Put here, 2 new ideas you would like to know more aboutPut here, threethings you havelearned today