Job Search Target Exercise


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Tool used with the "Senior Career Dinners" program Spring 2009, allowing Career Researchers to investigate individualized job leads.

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Job Search Target Exercise

  1. 1. Name______________________ Date_______________________ Job Search Target Exercise – Summary Senior Career Dinners Whenever we are faced with an important decision, it is often helpful to write out what we know, as well as identify what we don’t know, that will help us to get started. There are a number of variables that will impact a person’s job search criteria. Here is a list of the most common variable based There are also the practical targets, which can on an individual’s personal preferences: serve to greatly focus a job search: VALUES TYPE OF POSITION (FULL-TIME, PART-TIME, TEMPORARY, ETC) INTERESTS INDUSTRY/FIELD/ORGANIZATION SKILLS JOB FUNCTION/JOB TITLE ATTITUDES/OUTLOOK GEOGRAPHIC TARGET EXERCISE: Complete the job search target exercise on the next page. After you finish answering the questions, prioritize your preferences and targets. You will then record below the primary targets your career researcher will use to locate three (3) job opportunities for you. An example job search target is on the back of this page. Personal Preference ___________________ Practical Target ________________________ Personal Preference ___________________ Practical Target ________________________ LORI SMOKER YOUNG Phone: 269.806.1573 Email:
  2. 2. Job Search Target Example Personal Preference Skills: Working with Practical Target Industry . People/Students . Education. I would love to be working with I love working with others, especially middle school students, especially if it is students. I really enjoy opportunities that math-related. But if not, an opportunity in allow me to collaborate with others, but also education that gives me a chance to interact work individually. with middle school students would be great! And if it’s an all-girl’s school/program, even better. Personal Preference Value: Educating students Practical Target Geographic Target . Any opportunity that I could have working to I would love to be in the Midwest, preferably educate students would be wonderful. I somewhere in Ohio (outside the Cleveland believe that every student should have access area would be ideal!). If not Ohio, my second to a quality education choice would be Philadelphia. LORI SMOKER YOUNG Phone: 269.806.1573 Email:
  3. 3. Name______________________ Date_______________________ Job Search Target Exercise - Details Provide as much information as you can at this time; although we do not expect you will have well- thought out answers for all of the following potential job search targets, any information you can provide will be helpful to your career researcher. Personal Preferences ____VALUES How do you describe what is important to you in life? What key issues, ideals, or causes continue to engage you? Many who place a high importance on values in the workplace view their ‚work‛ as demonstrative of how they see their ‚purpose‛ in life. What can you tell us about your values and how you see these relating to the work you would like to pursue after graduation? ____INTERESTS Rank the following groupings of interest from the box that describes your interests the most (1) through the one that describes your interests the least (6). Circle words that are most important to you and cross off words that do not fit your interests at all. ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____SKILLS Summarize what you would present to an employer as being the highlight of your skillsets. How would you distinquish yourself from your peers? Are you comfortable with public speaking? Are you a persuavive writer? Can you mediate in times of conflict? Do you have impeccable attention to details? ____ATTITUDE/OUTLOOK How would someone describe your ‘character’? Do you have personal traits that often receive compliments? Do you have a disposition that would be very well suited for a particular type of work? LORI SMOKER YOUNG Phone: 269.806.1573 Email:
  4. 4. Practical Targets ____TYPE OF POSITION Are you looking for full-time, part-time, temporary, or interim/transition (i.e. TFA & Peace Corps) position? If you are open to more than one of these, which is your top preference? Would you consider a short-term unpaid position? ____INDUSTRY/FIELD/ORGANIZATION What industry, field, or type of organization would you consider? Do you think you would prefer to work for a large vs. small organization, for-profit vs. non- profit, public vs. private, government, etc.? When you picture yourself at a workplace, describe your dream environment? ____JOB FUNCTION/JOB TITLE When you think of the job you would be doing, what are the primary responsibilities you would be doing? Are there particular positions or job titles that you are considering? ____GEOGRAPHIC TARGET Geographically, where do you want/need to be? Do you need to be somewhere with access to public transportation? Next Step Underline key words in your answers. Rank your personal preferences and your practical targets. Write your top two personal preferences and top two practical targets in the table on the first page. In the table, write your key words and add any additional information that the Senior Career Researcher would find helpful to identifying jobs for you. LORI SMOKER YOUNG Phone: 269.806.1573 Email: