HRWA Roundtable - HEWRP Presentation


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HRWA Roundtable - HEWRP Presentation

  1. 1. HUDSON ESTUARY WATERSHED RESILIENCY PROJECT An initiative of Cornell Cooperative Extension of Columbia-Greene, Dutchess, Orange and Putnam Counties in partnership with the NYS DEC Hudson River Estuary Program, NY Water Resources Institute and Cornell University with support from the NYS Environmental Protection Fund.
  2. 2. • SUNY New Paltz: Green Infrastructure to Improve Watershed Resilience in the Saw Mill Brook Watershed and Village of New Paltz • NY Sea Grant: Integrating Climate Change Messages into K- 12 Estuary Lesson Plan Offerings • SUNY ESF: Assessing Flood Risk in a Changing Climate in the Mohawk and Hudson River Basins • Cornell University: Determining Peak Flow Under Different Scenarios and Identifying Undersized Culverts • NY WRI: Assessment of Extreme Weather Impacts on Water Infrastructure • Cornell School of Civil & Environmental Engineering: Physical Demonstrations of Stream Dynamics Appropriate for Tributaries of the Hudson River Estuary • CCE in the Hudson Valley: Hudson Estuary Watershed Resiliency Project Initiatives of the Hudson Estuary Resilience Project
  3. 3. Hudson Estuary Watershed Resiliency Project Project Goal: To develop capacity in Hudson Valley municipal officials, highway personnel, and riparian landowners to implement watershed resiliency strategies to minimize future flooding impacts, while also properly responding to storm impacts to streams and adjacent and associated infrastructure. Main Street, Purling, August 2011
  4. 4. Project Need – Extreme Weather Source: Draft National Climate Assessment, Jan. 2013 • Climate change & warmer weather • Increase in heavy rainfall events • Recent weather patterns reflect the trend
  5. 5. Project Need - Flood Risk in the Hudson Valley • Riverine Flooding • Stormwater Runoff • Coastal Flooding & Storm Surge • Dam Failure • Ice Jams
  6. 6. Project Need • Human-built infrastructure and stream function Source: Schueler, T., 1987
  7. 7. Project Need – Flood Response • Berms • Dredging • Channelization • Removal of riparian buffers • Removal of woody material from streams Wallkill River riparian deforestation
  8. 8. • Needs Assessment interviews • Presentations at Town Board Meetings • Regional Conferences • Seminar Series Municipal Officials Wayne Reynolds, Cary Institute Flood Forum
  9. 9. • Post Flood Stream Intervention Training • Cornell Local Roads Stormwater Management Class Highway Personnel Post Flood Stream Intervention Training, Acra
  10. 10. Riparian & Floodplain Landowners • Needs assessment survey is under development • Outreach at County Fairs • “Neighborhood meetings” • Resource materialsErosion threatening home – Quassaick Creek
  11. 11. • Trees for Tribs plantings • USGS Stream Gage programs • Stream Assessment program Multi-Audience Programs Trees For Tribs Planting – Elsbree Park, Rensselaerville
  12. 12. Educational Materials • Who To Call After a Flood for Landowners • Flood Response Guide for Municipalities • Tri-panel Display • Maps • Website:
  13. 13. Upcoming Programs USGS Catskill Creek Stream Gage Field Visit Thursday, July 11 6:30 - 8:00 p.m. Presenter: Dr. Gary Wall, USGS National Flood Insurance Program & the Community Rating System Thursday, July 17 & July 25 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. Presenter: Bill Nechamen, Certified Floodplain Manager, NYS DEC Floodplain Management Section When the Bowery Behaves Badly Friday, August 2 6:30 to 8:30 pm Presenter: Ron Frisbee, CCE Columbia Greene
  14. 14. Bowery Creek, 2011
  15. 15. Partner Acknowledgements Lower Hudson Coalition of Conservation Districts NYC Department of Environmental Protection Natural Resource Conservation Service USGS NY Water Science Center NY Extension Disaster Education Network County Planning Departments Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies Hudson River Watershed Alliance Hudsonia, Inc. Trout Unlimited Local watershed groups
  16. 16. Hudson Estuary Watershed Resiliency Project Team CCE Columbia & Greene Counties Liz LoGiudice, Audrey Kropp, Ron Frisbee, Theresa Mayhew, Evan Hogan 518 622-9820 x 33 CCE Dutchess County Carolyn Klocker, Neil Curri, Camille Marcotte, Sean Carroll (845) 677-8223 x135 CCE Orange County Rosemarie Baglia (845) 344-1234 CCE Putnam County Dianne Olsen (845) 278-6738 Cornell DNR Shorna Allred, Gretchen Gary (607)255-2149