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"Who Moved My Cheese?"


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A slide show summary of "Who Moved My Cheese?"

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"Who Moved My Cheese?"

  1. 1. A Summary of "Who Moved My Cheese?" by Dr. Spencer Johnson Compiled By Susan Carroll Copyright 2009 © by Susan Carroll, All rights reserved worldwide. No part of this presentation may be copied or sold. It may be given away.
  2. 3. I first read “Who Moved My Cheese” while working for a large corporation. It was suggested reading by our Human Resource office in their attempt to assist us because the employment situation had become highly stressful. Many of us there could see the writing on the wall and knew things were going to change but there were a few who would not or could not admit that our employment and our lives were going to be significantly altered. In many ways, we are not unlike mice in a maze. Our source of income is our reward for performing a task. If we continue to get rewarded each time we perform the task, we tend to stay with it. But if for some reason, the reward disappears, we are forced to seek a new source of income. Many try to find a new place to perform the task they are comfortable with while others venture off in a new direction to see what rewards are given for performing a different task. Like Haw, I am charting a new course in my life and just hope it is the right one. Some decisions have proven good, others bad and still others are yet unknown. I am also trying to mark my path in an attempt to assist others who may come behind me. Do I know all the answers? No, I am not sure I know all the questions so I am always looking for others who are willing to join me in a search for new "cheese". One of my good decisions has been to become an affiliate with several reputable groups and to start my FriendsWhoCare Newsletter where I try to help others who've made the decision to start their own online business. Susan Carroll Fort Scott, Kansas
  3. 4. “ Who Moved My Cheese”
  4. 37. Recommended Reading "Who Moved My Cheese?" "Rich Dad Poor Dad" "Cash Flow Quadrant"