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Google Analytics, Just the Basics - SMBME


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Jess Wallace's presentation on Google Analytics from Social Media Breakfast Maine

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Google Analytics, Just the Basics - SMBME

  1. 1. GOOGLE ANALYTICS Just the Basics @jesscswallace
  2. 2. NERD ALERT
  3. 3. THE BIG PICTURE • Take your website’s pulse • Understand what’s working – and what’s not • Make adjustments • Repeat Photo credit:
  4. 4. AUDIENCE Who’s coming to your website?
  5. 5. ACQUISITION How are they coming to your website?
  6. 6. BEHAVIOR Where are they going?
  7. 7. Add to Dashboard
  8. 8. UNIVERSAL ANALYTICS Will eventually become the new operating standard for Google Analytics • Easier tracking customization • New code snippet placed on your site • For now, old code still works
  10. 10. HOMEWORK • Check for Universal Analytics/implement on site • Set up Google Webmaster Tools - link to Google Analytics • Have contact forms? Set up goals!