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Ladies and Gentlemen Start Your Blogging


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The Social Media Breakfast Fort Wayne event Ladies and Gentlemen Start Your Blogging
on June 28th 2011.

Connect with us at or on twitter at Use the hashtag #smbfw to find others discussing the event on Twitter.

Published in: Business, Technology
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Ladies and Gentlemen Start Your Blogging

  1. 1. Ladies and Gentlemen Start Your Blogging facebook/smbftw or @smbfw #smbfw
  2. 2. today’s plan Ladies and Gentlemen Start Your Blogging•7:30 a.m. Breakfast & Networking•8:00 a.m. Take your seat, pens & devices ready•8:45 a.m. Open question time•9:00 a.m. You cant hide from work any longerwe’re playing with » facebook/smbftw or @smbfw #smbfw
  3. 3. what we are aboutNetworking & Knowledge:Taking online relationships to the next levelby having offline interactions and extendingoffline relationships to online networks.At the Social Media Breakfast, we “feed yourbelly and your brain.” ™ #smbfw
  4. 4. connect with your host 2 t’sKevin Mullett just google “kevin mullett” director of product development for Cirrus ABS #smbfw
  5. 5. connect with our sponsorToday’s sponsor:NIIC is the only place in NE Indiana where you can be a part of acommunity of over 40 entrepreneurial ventures. Since 2001NIIC has helped more than 100 businesses grow at an averagerate of 79% compounded annually. Come join us. ContactSteve Franks at, @swfranks on Twitter orFacebook, or Kevin Mullett to become a sponsor #smbfw
  6. 6. connect with our panel Andy Welfle @awelfle Fort Wayne, IN Professional pencil blogger. Amateur technology enthusiast. Nonprofit arts and culture advocate. Taller in real life. Josh Tuck @josh_tuck Fort Wayne, IndianaFounder of, lives to traveland eat, builds websites, drives a MINI, has a not-so-secret affinity for 80s movies. Carrie Sheets @SancoIndustries Fort Wayne, IN Sanco Industries is a chemical manufacturing facility that specializes in pond and lake treatments. We have the answer to all your pond problems. program-offer/ #smbfw
  7. 7. warming up the grillA blog is a TYPE of website. Weblog became blog. journals, what’s new/news, .plan circa 1995, 1997 (weblog), 1999 (we blog) #smbfw
  8. 8. Putting the cart before the horse? There are many worthy choices, each with their own pluses and minuses? #smbfw
  9. 9. question #1Why should we blog: personally, professionally, or corporately? What are some key benefits? #smbfw
  10. 10. question #2How does the voice change from a personal blog to a corporate blog, or does it? #smbfw
  11. 11. question #3Where do you get ideas and material for content you are writing? #smbfw
  12. 12. answer #3 Where can we get ideas and material for content?RSS reader or subscriptions, news sources,Google Wonder Wheel, Google Instant, GoogleSuggest, Google did you mean, competitiveproperties, emails from clients or vendors,interviews, answer sites, or surveys. #smbfw
  13. 13. question #4Do you use an editorial calendar, blog when you feel like it, or as opportunity presents itself? #smbfw
  14. 14. answer #4Do you use an editorial calendar, blog when you feel like it, or as opportunity presents itself? • events/promotions • product/service releases • industry news or changes • sharing solutions • SEO/subject visibility goals • finished everything else and not aware that angry birds can now be played in a browser #smbfw
  15. 15. question #5What are some of your favorite plug-ins, efficiency, or automation tools? #smbfw
  16. 16. your questionsOpen questions about blogging. #smbfw
  17. 17. support Join the blog support group. Hi, my name is Kevin and I have been bloggingsince around 1999. Hi Kevin. I struggle with ____. #smbfw
  18. 18. next eventNext Event: July 26thNortheast Indiana Innovation CenterSponsor, Speaker(s), & Subject TBD #smbfw
  19. 19. download Ladies and Gentlemen Start Your BloggingDownload today’s presentation and future tweeted about today’s event? #smbfw
  20. 20. connect with usLadies and Gentlemen Start Your Bloggingfacebook/smbftw or @smbfw #smbfw