Are You a Professional Trader or Piker?


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Are You a Professional Trader or Piker?

  1. 1. Are you a Professional Trader or a Piker? Mike Bellafiore Co- Founder, SMB Capital Co-Founder, SMBU Author, One Good Trade and The PlayBook
  2. 2. Goals• To have fun• Illustrate important fundamentals of trading
  3. 3. One Good Trade• “trading classic”• “the bible of prop trading”• Piker Examples• Delta Jackass, Late Guy,Know It All
  4. 4. Pikers in The PlayBook
  5. 5. The Piker of the Day• Alabama – Really from another southern school – Gave him that nickname to piss him off• Shorted 25 shares of NFLX on the open – Dropped 5 points – Pikerbama as new nickname?
  6. 6. The Blog Post that Started it All
  7. 7. Pro or Piker?• Meet Price Checker• SMB In-House Student• Trade v Class• Cannot miss a trade
  8. 8. Piker• Learn how to trade• Develop a Foundation• “Where are you going?”• You are not gonna make real $ for 3 years
  9. 9. Pro or Piker• Air India• SMBU In-House Student• After a class he knocks on my door• ?• What is to “short?”• I am confused• Does he really not know that?
  10. 10. Pro• The first lesson of trading is you stink• Why would you know anything when you start?• Those who ask the best ?s become Pros• Why we answer so many ?s here
  11. 11. Pro or Piker?• Jersey Shore has a gr8 day• Heads out early for the shore on a Friday• “I wanted to lock it in.”
  12. 12. Piker• The day doesn’t end until 4PM• Pros sit in their seat• Maybe gr8 day to your best day
  13. 13. Pro or Piker• Chunky Monkey makes his best trader ever• Gets up and high-fives those around him• Chunky Monkey does a market victory dance
  14. 14. PIKER• One Good Trade and then One Good Trade• There is no cheering in trading• Act like you have made a good trade b4• Do not awake the trading Gods
  15. 15. Pro or Piker?• Top Gun trades with complete focus• Bell rings• Top Gun gathers his stuff and heads home• Watches The Housewives of Denver
  16. 16. PIKER• Your goal is to get better everyday• Trading live is a small element of that• Practice after the bell – Review your day – PlayBook trade – Talk Trading – Talk to your Mentor – Rip through charts – Turn one day into ten
  17. 17. Pro or Piker?• Bushwacker has his best day• Mentor talks to Bushwacker about his trading• Bushwacker pretends to listen• Bushwacker thinking he has this game licked• Why is this old man bothering me?
  18. 18. PIKER• From The War of Art: “Tiger Woods is the consummate professional. It would never occur to him, as it would to an amateur, that he knows everything, or can figure everything out on his own.”
  19. 19. Pro or Piker?• Monkey graduated from a state school• Monkey’s dad is not anyone you know• Monkey has never played golf or lacrosse• Monkey works on his game w/ the mindset to improve everyday
  20. 20. Pro• The market doesn’t cares about your skill• Your goal should be to improve each day
  21. 21. Pro or Piker?• JIFF finds an A+ setup• Takes a big rip• Goes for a walk• JIFF sees another A+ setup• He passes• He doesn’t want to take another rip
  22. 22. Piker• Your cannot control the results• Your job is to do the right thing• Make the F****** trade
  23. 23. Pro or Piker?• NYU reads a gr8 book• Trader pings the author• Invites him to share a drink• Author never responds
  24. 24. PRO• She just might say yes• A strong social network• One of the keys to success
  25. 25. Pro or Piker• No Carbs says he has a passion for trading• Decides he wants to trade pro• Funds an account• Buys a fancy new computer• Places a flat screen with CNBC in the office• Subscribes to a charting service• Reads a few books• Starts trading
  26. 26. Piker• The worst kind• The path to ripping up 50k• And worse yet• Not learning anything• Never giving yourself a real chance• Unnecessary• The Coaches of Phil Mickelson
  27. 27. The Coaches of Phil Mickelson• Swing coach- Butch Harmon• Short game coach- Dave Pelz• Putting coach- Dave Stockton• Psychology coach- British Open improvement• Strength and conditioning coach• Caddie- Bones
  28. 28. Trader Coaches• Strategies• Psychology• Mentor• Head Trader
  29. 29. Pro or Piker• Trader is consistently profitable• Knows what he does well• Sticks to that• Not interested in other products or setups
  30. 30. To Be Determined• The PlayBook I say Piker• Brody• Multi-product• Multi-market• Discretionary• Quant Trader
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  32. 32. SMB FoundationDevelop the Skills of a Professional Equities Trader You will learn:  Fundamentals of Trading  One Good Trade  How to Find Stocks in Play  Reading the Tape  Risk Management  How to Review Your Trading Enter the coupon code SMBATTENDEE to get 5% off and attend 10 SMB Webinars and enter into a raffle to win a free Foundation Program Email us at for more info.
  33. 33. Contact•• @mikebellafiore