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Simple machines alexandria jazia


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Published in: Business, Lifestyle
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Simple machines alexandria jazia

  1. 1. By-Jazia and AlexandriaSIMPLE MACHINES
  2. 2. Inclined PlanerampTo help us to get to higherplacesslide
  3. 3. Wedge knife Cut thing. pin
  4. 4. Screw Jar lid A scew helps us to scew on something Light bulb
  5. 5. LeverbroomLifts up or downseesaw
  6. 6. PulleysailHelps us to lift heavry objects.Flag pole
  7. 7. Wheel and AxlecarMove or turnscrewdiver
  8. 8. Compound MachineApple peelerWedge ,screw ,wheel axleDo three things at onetimescisors