SEATEC.                    MARITIME CONSULTANT                  Mission Statement from CEO.SEATEC is committed to deliveri...
SEATEC.                   MARITIME CONSULTANT.                               About usSEATEC Maritime Consultant has been e...
SEATEC.                   MARITIME CONSULTANT.                          Project ManagementProject ManagementIn order to pr...
SEATEC.       MARITIME CONSULTANT.                     Construction ManagementConstruction Management & On Site Inspection...
SEATEC.                   MARITIME CONSULTANT.          Consultancy and Recruitment ServicesPermanent RecruitmentSEATEC pr...
SEATEC.                       MARITIME CONSULTANT.                    Health, Safety & EnvironmentMost companies agree the...
SEATEC.                 MARITIME CONSULTANT.                           Vision and ValuesIntegrityWe demand of ourselves an...
SEATEC.                  MARITIME CONSULTANT.            Our Company’s Social ResponsibilitySocial ResponsibilitySEATECs c...
SEATEC.       MARITIME CONSULTANT.                           Experience and Client ListSEATEC team members have experience...
SEATEC.                MARITIME CONSULTANT.                                CONTACT.SEATEC.               MARITIME CONSULTA...
SEATEC are small enough to add personal care and flexibility to the needs of our clientsand big enough to offer a complete...
Seatec Brochure 2011
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Seatec Brochure 2011


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SEATEC Maritime Consultant.
Project Management,Construction Management, Site Supervision, Engineering and Technical Solutions Provider to the Maritime, Oil & Gas and Energy Industry.

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Seatec Brochure 2011

  2. 2. SEATEC. MARITIME CONSULTANT Mission Statement from CEO.SEATEC is committed to delivering a range of quality-assured marine services to its clientsacross the industry. We take care to tailor those services to the individual needs of the client –whether a fully integrated project package.To reach the highest standards we depend on our people - their welfare, training andexpertise. We foster strong ethical values and a team spirit that rewards commitment andinitiative. By committing to excellence, accountability and transparency, SEATEC can bestserve its valued customers – efficiently and competitively. And in our race for excellence, thereis no finish line! Our VisionAt SEATEC Maritime Consultant, our Vision is to be the leading innovator and serviceprovider to the International maritime, oil & gas and energy sectors. To accomplish this,we will be a place where employees enjoy their work and grow their careers. We will berecognized as best in class by our clients. The result of our efforts will provide superiorreturns to our owners.We will make difference because…We focus on achieving the best business solutions *InnovativeWe bring depth of talent to every project *StrengthWe do it all *ComprehensiveNo project or assignment is too large or too small *DiversifiedOur global presence allows us to service our clients around the world *GlobalWe’re committed to Health, Safety and the Environment *AwarenessOur enthusiastic project teams are dedicated to getting the job done right *Commitment
  3. 3. SEATEC. MARITIME CONSULTANT. About usSEATEC Maritime Consultant has been established since 1993.Based in Bangkok / Thailand and with a branch office in Bergen / Norway,SEATEC Maritime Consultant is serving the maritime, oil & gas and energy industry on aworldwide basis. We provide high quality Consulting Services to our valuable customer’sprojects.Our key personnel are professionally qualified Naval Architects and Engineers who possessextensive work experience within the maritime, oil & gas and energy world.SEATEC team has widespread expertise in project management, particularly in the Middle& Far East. The team members are fully conversant with Dubai, Bahrain, Singapore, India,Vietnam, Korean, Japanese and Chinese shipyard operations.SEATEC has a pool of over 53 professional engineers, superintendents and seniorinspectors.With its unique philosophy and impeccable track record SEATEC has always attractedtopnotch professionals. The strength of SEATEC is the knowledge, experience, dedication,loyalty and commitment of its people.Quality Management We endeavour to meet the all quality objectives of all our clients. Wecarry out regular assessments of the performance of all our personnel to ensure ourclient’s quality objectives will be implemented. We encourage and assist inspection andengineering personnel to acquire and maintain industry recognized qualifications.Project Management and Engineering Services Clients can select either an individualservices or a combination of services to suit the specific need of a particular project. Wecan assist with the selection of contractors, suppliers and associated services. Thisincludes auditing of contractors facilities to ensure compliance with recognized standardsand evaluation of their capabilities to meet project requirements.With multi-disciplinary teams of experts, SEATEC offers a wide range of inspection,testing, certification and verification services to all parties involved in the maritime oil &gas and energy industries around the world, including owners, operators, contractors,investors and equipment manufacturers. Our integrated approach of specialized solutionsand traditional services focused on the complete asset lifecycle adds value to any projectand improves the productivity of any existing facility.Our main objective is to provide our clients with a reliable and cost-competitive service. AtSEATEC we take great pride in the quality of the services we provide to our clients. Priorto forwarding details of personnel to prospective clients, we will initially carry out athorough search of their background to ensure that their skills and capabilities are fullycompatible with the requirements of our prospective clients. We can provide local eitherbased or expatriate personnel as required. In all instances, we use only personnel knownto us from previous projects or those, which have been recommended to us by clients.
  4. 4. SEATEC. MARITIME CONSULTANT. Project ManagementProject ManagementIn order to provide more efficient project management for our customers, we havedeveloped what we call the extension of staff model. This guiding principle motivates us todo our jobs as though we were actually employees of our client companies. And sincemany of the professionals on our project management teams are former maritime, oil &gas and energy employees, we understand your processes and are able to provideextensive operations support. With a wide range of experience from both client andcontractor perspectives, we are solidly positioned to handle your procurement andcontracting needs, as well as your onsite management, supervision and inspection, andelectronic data collaboration. Project management by nature is extremely detail-oriented.Trust the details to our experts.Total Project Management & AdministrationIn addition to traditional engineering services, SEATEC has established itself as anindustry leader in the administration of even the most complex projects. In an era ofmaritime, oil & gas and energy sectors, we have responded to an increased demand forcomprehensive project management by providing our customers the attention to detailrequired for managing all aspects of a particular project. From initial concept to execution,we provide the gamut of services, including engineering, procurement, contractmanagement, construction and inspection management, HSE, project control, documentcontrol and project administration.Our engineers get excited when difficult problem arise.Every issue is viewed as another challenge, another opportunity to exercise our creativeresolution ability. Experience, innovation, and creativity allow us to continually providecost-effective solutions for our clients. It is our passion, our hallmark.SEATEC is an international consulting firm that provides a full spectrum of engineering anddesign solutions for the Maritime, Oil, Gas, and Energy Industries. Our innovative servicescan meet all your international needs as we provide cost-effective, design, engineering,and project and management services for offshore as well as onshore production facilities.SEATEC will identify problems and propose solutions without any schedule impact.Organize and manage all aspects and details in the project specification from start throughcompletion, high effectiveness during fabrication of our client’s projects.
  5. 5. SEATEC. MARITIME CONSULTANT. Construction ManagementConstruction Management & On Site InspectionSolid construction management and comprehensive inspections are vital to a properlyexecuted project. At SEATEC our hands-on, experienced staff understands every piece ofthe puzzle and applies real-world solutions to our designs. With more than 15 years ofconstruction management expertise, we can handle projects ranging from a few days tomore than 100,000 man hours. Let our team of engineering professionals complementyour project to ensure cost savings and project success.Construction ManagementSEATEC can develop project-specific simultaneous operations plans, to ensure morerealistic timelines.Our construction managers integrate your health, safety and environmental policies andprocedures into work plans and strategize execution details with you and your teams.You can be assured of a well thought-out and documented process that works in practiceas well as it does in theory. And if need be, we can supplement the project team withonsite construction coordinators and inspectors to ensure that you are not only makingprogress, but also that the final product meets your specifications.On Site Inspection SEATEC’s highly capable inspectors provide associated codeinterpretations, offering solutions designed to enhance safety, improve quality, save timeand augment your bottom line. The continuity of management, design staff and solid fieldinspection support collectively ensure consistent, high-quality services.Our inspectors have diverse backgrounds from varied disciplines, and bring a wealth ofknowledge and experience to every project. A rigorous selection process, which includes apersonal interview and background verification check for every inspector we hire, enablesus to consistently provide our customers the level of service they have come to expectfrom us.At SEATEC, we stand behind our work. Supplying comprehensive inspection, expediting,procurement and technical personnel to the maritime, oil & gas and energy, constructionindustries on a worldwide basis, we ensure that the completed project meets all essentialquality standards and customer requirements.Our diverse project experience includes structures and facilities, refineries, plants, suppliersource surveillance, and import and export inspections. Additionally, we offer expertise insite construction supervision, pipeline construction supervision, installation and testingsupervision, and marine terminals, tubular inspection, painting and coating inspection.
  6. 6. SEATEC. MARITIME CONSULTANT. Consultancy and Recruitment ServicesPermanent RecruitmentSEATEC provides a professional recruitment service to both clients and candidates in manydifferent countries and in several industry sectors. At SEATEC we specialise in sourcing,carefully assessing and placing skilled professionals into new positions which will enhancetheir career development also ensuring that our client employs the high calibre talentneeded to run and manage a successful business.Each of our offices has a team of highly experienced and professional recruitmentconsultants who know how vital best practice recruitment is to the success of yourbusiness. Whether you need a Technical Manager, a skilled operator or a receptionist whowill provide your visitors with the first impression of your company, we will dedicate thetime and resources required to find you the perfect match.Our extensive database of candidates combined with our Global network of offices enablesus to conduct an extensive search based upon our Clients’ requirements, budget andlocation.Contract StaffSEATEC can provide the experienced contract staff you require for ongoing projects or toenable you to cope with a short term increase in demand. We will source the contractorsyou require and will manage the payroll to ensure that they are paid correctly.We have an extensive range of project and contract staff on our payroll: • Mechanical Engineers • Machinery Engineers • Electrical Engineers • Project Managers • Site Managers • Construction Managers • Coatings Spesialists • Welding Inspectors • Instrumentation Engineers • Commissioning Manager • Project Administrators • Cost Engineers • Document Controllers • Material Coordinators • Project Secretary Services • HSE Spesialists, etc.Whatever the requirements, we can provide a flexible bespoke solution which will enableour clients to remain focused on their core business but still complete the project safely,on time and on budget.
  7. 7. SEATEC. MARITIME CONSULTANT. Health, Safety & EnvironmentMost companies agree they have an obligation to provide their employees with a safe and securework environment. They create safety programs, insist on employee training and have occasionalmeetings.But at SEATEC, we take safety to the next level.Our goal is to take safety to Zero by preventing even one accident from occurring. We put thepersonal health and safety of our employees first – wherever they are.For us, safety is more than a policy manual or a training video; it’s how we do business and it’s howwe live. Our people are our greatest asset and the basis for our success. We believe that we owe itto our employees to help keep them and their families, communities, our clients and ourcontractors healthy and happy.When you join SEATEC, you join a culture of caring.¨We at SEATEC strive to provide excellence in health safety and environment.Our success depends on our ability to provide comprehensive, innovative and customizedservice of the highest quality to our clients.
  8. 8. SEATEC. MARITIME CONSULTANT. Vision and ValuesIntegrityWe demand of ourselves and other the highest ethical standards, and our services andprocesses will be of the highest quality.Respect for PeopleWe recognize that people are cornerstone of SEATEC’s success, we value our diversity asa source of strength, and we are proud of SEATEC’s history of treating people with respectand dignity.Customer FocusWe are deeply committed to meeting the needs of our many customers, and we constantlyfocus on customer satisfaction.SafetyWe are dedicated to the implementation of sustainable business model that recognizes theimperative of improving peoples’ health, safety, security, prosperity and the environmentin which we live and work. We therefore value and encourage the contribution that can bemade to sustainable development by employees and owners at every level in theorganization, no matter how small.CommunityWe play an active role in making every country and community in which we operate abetter place to live and work, knowing that the ongoing vitality of our host nations andlocal communities has a direct impact on the long – term health of our business.InnovationWe value innovation as the key to improving our customer service and sustainingSEATEC’s growth and profitability as well as that of our customers.TeamworkWe know that to remain a successful company we must work together, frequentlytranscending organizational, geographical, technological and cultural boundaries to meetthe changing needs of our customer.PerformanceWe strive for continuous improvement in our performance, measuring result carefully, andensuring that integrity and respect for people are never compromised.LeadershipWe believe that leaders empower those around them by sharing knowledge and rewardingoutstanding individual effort. Leaders are those who step forward to take ownership andachieve difficult goals, envisioning what needs to happen and motivating others.QualityQuality is an integral part of our everyday working lives, ingrained in our colleagues andall our values. We are dedicated to the delivery of quality marine services around theworld. Our business practices and processes are designated to achieve quality result thatexceeds the expectations of our customers, business partners, colleagues, owners andregulators. We value our employees and contractors striving to meet the higheststandards of quality all that they do.
  9. 9. SEATEC. MARITIME CONSULTANT. Our Company’s Social ResponsibilitySocial ResponsibilitySEATECs commitment to Social Responsibility means being accountable for our actions toour owners, employees, customers, suppliers, communities, business partners and otherswho have a stake in how our company conducts itself. SEATEC has long-established corevalues associated with health and safety, environmental stewardship, honesty andintegrity, corporate citizenship, and a high performance team. We recognize theimportance of both financial and non-financial performance in our efforts to maintain long-term, sustainable performance for the Company. We put our policies into practiceeveryday as we manage our business to promote sustainable social, environmental andeconomic benefits to all our owners wherever SEATEC operates.Making a differenceLiving Our Values... Building Our Business... Leaving a LegacyPromoting the health and vitality of the communities in which we operate... its not justthe right thing to do; its also the smart thing to do.When we partner with host countries and local organizations to build a competitiveworkforce, foster favourable operating conditions and support sustainable systems, wegenerate long-term value not only for our assets but also for the communities in which wework and live.
  10. 10. SEATEC. MARITIME CONSULTANT. Experience and Client ListSEATEC team members have experience from complex projects with stringent class,regulatory, safety, environmental and technical requirements.We have in-depth knowledge of "prescriptive" classification-rule design, and internationalregulations and standards. All members of our core group have had direct responsibilityfor major vessel new buildings and other technically and commercially successful projects.We also have excellent references from the offshore industry, particularly in semisubmersible & jack – up units. Semi-submersible accommodation and drilling Orange-juice carriersrigs Bulk carriers Drilling vessels, Jack - up Containerships Floating storage and offloading vessels (FSOs) Car carriers Floating, production, storage and offloading Ro-ro vesselsvessels (FPSOs) General-cargo vessels Crude-oil tankers including offshore-loading Reefersshuttle tankers Cable-laying vessels Product tankers Research vessels Chemical tankers Anchor-handling vessels OBO carriers Supply ships LPG carriers Offshore-support vessels LNG carriers Passenger vessels Cruise ships CLIENT LIST STATOIL. BARBER SHIPMANAGEMENT. NORSK HYDRO. ACOMARIT / V – SHIP. CONOCO NORWAY INC. SOLVANG ASA. ELF – TOTAL – FINA. ODFJELL ASA. SHELL. GOLAR LNG. MURPHY OIL. ENGINEERING SRL – ITALY. RAS – GAS. ABS – AMERICAN BUERAU of SHIPPING. J. RAY McDERMOTT, DUBAI. ITALIA MARITTIMA / LLOYD TRIESTINO. AKER KVAERNER. NAVION. SMEDVIG OFFSHORE ASA. EVERGREEN, TAIWAN. RASMUSSEN MANAGEMENT – FPSO. FRONTLINE.SEATEC focus on the customer and the individual needs of each owner and vessel. Ourpolicy is to be highly flexible and offer our customers tailor-made solutions for servicesand resources, so they get absolutely what they want. SEATEC understand that the onlyway to keep our customers satisfied is to ensure that safety and quality are always of thehighest priority.
  11. 11. SEATEC. MARITIME CONSULTANT. CONTACT.SEATEC. MARITIME CONSULTANT.Mobile; Norway + 47 4512 7041 / Thailand + 66 87057 2023Email;
  12. 12. SEATEC are small enough to add personal care and flexibility to the needs of our clientsand big enough to offer a complete range of services effectively and efficiently.The key to success is knowing our customers business.We make it our business to now yours.Combine this with years of experience and expertise and see why we are ready.Always to be your long time partner. SEATEC. MARITIME CONSULTANTLocation network office:Bergen – Bangkok – Houston – London – Dubai – Singapore – Manila