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Non professional work


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Some of y work while in school, photography, etc.

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Non professional work

  1. 1. Ashley McClure A presentation of work from outside the professional realm 1999 -present
  2. 2. Photography Digital
  3. 3. The True Kirk Thesis Project My thesis project revolved around the thelogical perspectives of a Presbyterian church, and using those to influence the design of the church. A new typology was proposed - one that e­mbraced the humility and servanthood of the new commercially centered city. The design was also based on the protestant ideals of simplifying ornamentation and the elimination of symbology. The process I went through for this design was central to this project: I researched the history of Protestant architecture, from which I determined that no valid typology had existed for such a structure since Puritan meetinghouses. I used the theology of the church to create deductive rules that informed the design of the church. I carefully selected the site to respond to issues of humility and service. This project was as much an exercise in process as an exercise of design.
  4. 4. The True Kirk Thesis Project
  5. 5. The True Kirk Thesis Project
  6. 6. Photography Silver Gelatin Prints
  7. 7. Architecture School Interiors Thesis Project This interiors project was to take place within an exis t ing building on campus, which was to be designed as the new School of Architecture. In my design, in which walls b e come ceilings and floors become display areas, the interaction of the different areas of study throughout the school are linked. The pedagogy of architecture becomes a c o ntinuum of the architecture itself.
  8. 8. Photography Silver Gelatin Prints
  9. 9. Student Housing 4th Year Studio The railroad, that literally divides the city in half, has always been vital to Birmingham. The city had recently announced plans to build a railroad re s ervation park around the railroad, which would be loosely bordered by a warehouse district, and then the quickly expanding campus of UAB. The site for this project borders this park, and is planned to be housing for graduate students. The project is designed to bring commercial life to the area, with bottom floor retail spaces, and by linking directly across to the main activities of the park. We also used LEED standards to design the building, and came up with 39 (gold) points.
  10. 10. Student Housing 4th Year Studio
  11. 11. Student Housing 4th Year Studio
  12. 12. Sketches Pencil & Ink