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Production diary

  1. 1. BTEC Extended Diploma in Creative Media ProductionIG4 Final Major ProjectProduction DiaryAdam Foster PROGRESS UPDATE PLAN FOR NEXT MONTH / WEEK(Including PossibleContingency Plans If Problems Anticipated)Mon W/B 07/01/13(Detailed Weekly Summary)Mon W/B 14/01/13(Detailed Weekly Summary)I decided what I wanted to do for my final project and then set upa blog for the project. I created a production schedule listing whichtasks I will complete for the project and when I will do those tasks.I started completing research tasks.Next week I will continue with my first research task,researching music videos and I will start the next task,comparing music videos to help me plan for my ownmusic video.Mon W/B 21/01/13(Detailed Weekly Summary)I started work on my first research task which is unfinished. I alsocompleted my initial ideas generation, coming up with severalideas on a mind map and uploaded the mind map to the blog.Next week I will complete my proposal for the idea I willbe doing and upload it to the blog. When that is finishedI am hoping to complete the first research task and startwork on the second one.Mon W/B 28/01/13(Detailed Weekly Summary)I looked over my initial ideas generation and thought about whichidea to do as my final idea. After choosing my final idea I wrote upmy proposal for the idea. Also I continued with my research.Next week I will hope to complete all of my researchtasks to a good standard and upload them to the blog.Mon W/B 04/02/13(Detailed Weekly Summary)I completed more or less all of my research and began work onpre-production for my idea by making a mind map of my idea indetail.Next week I will complete my mindmaps and begin workon my moodboards.Mon W/B 11/02/13(Detailed Weekly Summary)Week off, continued with moodboards. Complete mind maps and finish mood boards.Mon W/B 18/02/13(Detailed Weekly Summary)I completed a detailed mind map of my final idea and alsocompleted a moodboard to accompany it. I created somequestionnaires, handed them out and collected the results. Also Ibegan work on my storyboards.I will finish my storyboards next week and also completea risk assessment. I will possibly start work on mylocation recce if there is enough time.Mon W/B 25/02/13(Detailed Weekly Summary)I completed my storyboards and scanned them onto a computerthen uploaded them to the blog. Also I completed a riskassessment on the location where I intend to film and begin alocation recce.Next week I will finish my location recce and upload it tothe blog. Also I will have to prepare for and pitch myidea. I will began filming next week also and get a few ofthe first clips of my music video.Mon W/B 04/03/13(Detailed Weekly Summary)Finished location recce and uploaded it to my blog. I also filmedthe first few clips of my music video and set up a premier projectNext week I will prepare material for my pitch and alsocontinue with filming.
  2. 2. BTEC Extended Diploma in Creative Media ProductionIG4 Final Major ProjectProduction Diaryfor them.Mon W/B 11/03/13(Detailed Weekly Summary)I completed a powerpoint to assist with my pitch next week andfilmed a few more clips of my short film. I edited together the clipsI currently have and chose a soundtrack for my music video.Next week I will do my pitch in front of a teacher andpitch my idea, I will receive feedback and take on boardsuggestions.Mon W/B 18/03/13(Detailed Weekly Summary)I performed my pitch and received the feedback and looked atwhat changes I could make based on that feedback.Next week I will interpret any changes into my videoand film some more clips, I will also carry on withediting.Mon W/B 01/04/13(Detailed Weekly Summary)I filmed some more clips for my music video and edited what I hadinto my premier project.I will make sure the rest of my work for the FMP iscomplete and move forward with filming and editing.Mon W/B 08/04/13(Detailed Weekly Summary)I completed any outstanding pieces of work for the FMP anduploaded it to my blog. I filmed some more clips for my musicvideo and edited them together.Next week I will finish the last clips of my music videoand edit them together then export the final musicvideo, upload it YouTube and my blog.Mon W/B 15/04/13(Detailed Weekly Summary)I finished my music video, exported it, uploaded it to YouTube andthe blog, I made sure everything on the FMP was complete andwas on my blog and checked for any errors.PROGRESS UPDATE PLAN FOR NEXT MONTH / WEEK (Including PossibleContingency Plans)