How to Perform Technical SEO Audit


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Technical SEO audit is very necessary to enhance your website performance. You can easily know the flaws and errors of your website which will give you high ranking and improved visibility.

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How to Perform Technical SEO Audit

  1. 1. How to Perform Technical SEO Audit
  2. 2. What Is SEOAudit:After designing and on page optimization of your website, atechnical SEO audit is very necessary to know the futureperformance of the website. But the question is what is SEOaudit of a website??SEO Auditing is the virtue of websites or online users tostrengthen their online relevancy and visibility to maximizequality traffic.
  3. 3. Technical SEO Audit ProcessGenerally technical auditing can be done in 5 ways. They are givenbelow:1. Accessibility2. Indexability3. On-Page Ranking Factors4. Off-Page Ranking Factors5. Competitive Analysis
  4. 4. AccessibilityThe foremost thing of a website is whether the search engines and users canaccess the pages of the website or not. So always make sure that yourwebsites pages are accessible. To check the accessibility we have to gothrough following points:A. Robots.txtThough robots.txt file restrict search engine bots to access certain pages, itis very essential to block crawlers to crawl certain pages. So check manuallyor you can use Google Webmaster Tool to identify the URLs being blocked byrobots.txt and be sure that your any important page has not been blocked.
  5. 5. B. Robot Meta Tags:If any of your website page has both "noindex" and "nofollow" tags, then itprevents the spiders to index your webpage and not to follow your page. So besure about these tags.C. XML Sitemap:XML Sitemap provides a way for search engine bots to crawl easily find all of yourwebsites pages. You should do certain steps for your sitemap which are givenbelow:Well formed XML SitemapFollow the sitemap protocolSubmit it to webmaster toolsD. HTTP Status CodesIf your site has 400 or 500 errors or status code, then search engines are unableto access your websites content. To avoid this you can do 301 redirection as it isthe best way of redirection.
  6. 6. IndexibilityAfter accessibility checking we will go for checking of indexing of ourwebsite. We have to identify how many pages of your website havebeen indexed. There are many ways for it. But one simple way is touse site: command.For example, search for "" on Google, we canfind 150 results for it.
  7. 7. On-Page Ranking FactorsAfter above technical audit, we should go for checking on-pagefactors.A. URLs:While analyzing an URL, certain points you should keep in mind. They are:URL should be short and user friendlyURL contain relevant keywordsURL should have subfolders instead of subdomainsUse hyphens instead of underscore
  8. 8. B. ContentAs we all know content is king, so content should be authentic and free of duplicatecontent issue. If your site has duplicate content, then you can use solve it by usinga re=canonical tag as a temporary solution or better use a 301 redirection for apermanent solution.C. TitleTitle is the most prominent and identifying characteristics as people notice it first bysearching anything. So check your title as if it is formated properly or not.D. Meta DescriptionThough meta description does not explicitly perform as ranking factor but still it isimportant to improve click through rate. So check it properly.
  9. 9. E. ImagesImages can not read by search engines. To enable search engine spiders to read imageswe have to use relevant alter text. Image file name also matters a lot.F. OutlinksWhen a link that points from your website to another website is called outlink for yourpage or site. So it is very important to check whether the outlinks are qualitative or not.For that you have to check some points which are given below:a) Those links are trustworthy or notb) Relevant to the page content or notc) Whether links given to the anchor text are proper or notd) Is there any broken linkse) No unnecessary redirectionf) Links are nofollow or dofollow
  10. 10. G. Information ArchitectureInformation architecture generally means that how information flows through outyour website. It again includes 3 main areas:a) Navigation of Website: By arranging similar content, products or categoriestogether, users and spiders can visit your website easily.b) Labeling and naming conventions: Labeling means the way you have namedyour categories of product or services or navigation links. If it is improper, then itwill harm your targeted keywords badly.c) Folder structures: Arranging a folder in URL in a particular manner is calledFolder structure. The hierarchy of folders should be proper.
  11. 11. Off-Page Ranking FactorsSo after finishing on page auditing we will go for Offpage rankingfactors auditing. Offpage plays a vital role in search engine ranking.Those factors are given below:A.Popularity:Popularity plays crucial role to gain traffic to your site. So to know yoursite is popular or not you have to follow the points given below:a) Is your site gaining trafficb) Is your site receiving backlinks from popular sitesc) How does your site popularity compare against similar sites
  12. 12. B. Social Media EngagementAs social signals are the most important thing now, so the success of your website totallydepends upon its capability to attract social media users and do interaction with them.C. TrustworthyFor trustworthy your site should be free from following things:a) Malware freeb) Keyword Stuffing Freec) Hidden Text Freed) Cloaking
  13. 13. D. BacklinksBacklinks are the pillar of your website. So it is very necessary to analyze yourbacklinks whether they are qualitative or no.E. AuthorityA website authority can be decided by analyzing all above points. So it is veryimportant to analyze both domain authority and page authority.
  14. 14. Competitive AnalysisLast but not the least is the more you know about your competitor,the more you become stronger by identifying their strong and weakpoints.
  15. 15. ConclusionTechnical SEO audit can be finished depending upon thecomplexity of your website. It is a very good idea to know theflaws of your website and to empower it with high ranking.You can take more informed decessions about your websitesworking strategies.
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