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the annual quiz organised by IEEE-MSIT

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Xquizite prelims

  1. 1. Rules and Regulations->25 questionsStarred questions( Q 1,5,10,15,25) will beused for tie breakers.->Top 6 qualify for the finals-> Write your team name and one of thecontact numbers.-> Stay back after the prelims. Answersafterwards.
  2. 2. Q1.The phrase X means:(1) to relax a tense or formal atmosphere or social situation; (2) to make a starton some endeavour. This came into general use, in sense , in English through Lord Byrons "DonJuan" in the lines:And your cold people [the British] are beyond all price,When once youve __________. The _____ in question is metaphorically that on a river or lake in early spring.______ would be to allow boats to pass, marking the beginning of the seasonsactivity after the winter freeze. In this way, this expression has been connectedto the start of enterprise for about 400 years.ID the phrase X.
  3. 3. To break the ice
  4. 4. Q2.Name the mythical creature found on the masthead of theHindu.
  5. 5. Kamdhenu
  6. 6. Q3.Identify
  7. 7. Felix Baumgartner
  8. 8. Q.4South Sudan is the newest independentcountry.Which was the last Asian country to getindependent ?
  9. 9. East Timor
  10. 10. Q5. Connect
  11. 11. valkyrie
  12. 12. Q6.What does the 4 rings in automobile giantsAudi represent ?
  13. 13. Audi logo each represent one of four carcompanies that banded together to create thecompany.
  14. 14. Q7. if one had travelled from Calais toDover in a ferry…he would have crossed_____________ .
  15. 15. English Channel
  16. 16. Q8. Which country has AlbertEinstein on its currency ?
  17. 17. Israel
  18. 18. Q9.Map of what
  19. 19. Gangnam
  20. 20. Q10. Whats so special about this samsung phone
  21. 21. Designed by Giorgio Armani
  22. 22. Q11" Every year at least 16 million additionalhectares fall to the torch, the axe, bulldozers andthe chain saw. Five million hectares of forestsvanish every year just to meet the need forpaper. Cheil Worldwide, a leading advertisingagency decided to do something about this.What simple idea have they given the world thatcan help reduce this vanishing trees in asignificant way?"
  23. 23. Reduce font size by 1
  24. 24. Q12. Before the Theory of Relativity, thepeculiar orbit of Mercury was explained byproposing a theory where a planet X wassupposed to be between Mercury and Sun.X is also Roman God of both beneficial andhindering fires, including volcano, thusmaking name X apt for planet so close to Sun.The name X is now well known for it is one ofthe main planets in one of most popular sci-fispace franchises.
  25. 25. Vulcan
  26. 26. Q13. What is blanked out ?
  27. 27. Facebook of course
  28. 28. Q14. What is so special about thisvideo(vid 1)?
  29. 29. First video on youtube
  30. 30. Q15. what are these guys doing…?
  31. 31. Haka dance
  32. 32. Q16. Identify
  33. 33. jayalalitha
  34. 34. Q17The name of the software X is a pun mixing the legend of Emperor X playinghis lyre as Rome burned down during the ‘Great Fire of Rome’ which accordingto some people was started by X himself. The software is made by a Germanybased company and the pun is more obvious in original German as theGerman name for Rome is Rom.The logo of this widely used program is an image of the Roman Colosseum inflames; this is dramatic but inaccurate, as the Great Fire of Rome took place in64 AD, while construction of the Colosseum only started a few years later,between 70 and 72 AD.Identify X.
  35. 35. Nero
  36. 36. Q18X is a Caltech Theoretical Physicist who sharesan apartment with his colleague and best friend.•The asteroid 246247 was named after him.•exhibits a strict adherence to routine, a totallack of social skills, a tenuous understandingof irony, sarcasm, and humor, and a general lackof humility or empathy.ID (easiest question in the quiz :P )
  37. 37. Sheldon Cooper
  38. 38. Q19.What is common in Kartikeya, Mars andOdin?
  39. 39. Gods of war
  40. 40. Q20. Which two alphabets don’t feature on the periodictable ? (points only for the precise answer )
  41. 41. J and Q
  42. 42. Q21 ID the natural masterpiece.
  43. 43. Ayers Rock
  44. 44. Q22. Which club’s one of the earliest logos ?
  45. 45. Tottenham Hotspurs
  46. 46. Q23.Identify the plant
  47. 47. Tequila
  48. 48. Q24. Who was the first rockstar to get arrested onstage ?
  49. 49. Jim morrison
  50. 50. Q25Which Indian stringed instruments name is aderivation of a 100 colours ?
  51. 51. Sarangi