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War of the words answers


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War of the words answers

  1. 1. DUCIMUSWAR OF the WORDS -Vikas Prasad
  2. 2. Rules1. 15 questions.2. Questions will be repeated once after the slideshow is over.3. Quizmaster’s decision will be final .4. No cheating or googling.
  3. 3. Q1.Anagrams(15*2=30 points)1.Dirty Room2.Indicatory3. Stamp Store4. To see place5. A stew, Sir6. A rope ends it7. Bad credit8. Married
  4. 4. 9. Swear oft10. Here Come Dots11. Go Get Oils12. No more stars13. Trims cash14. shit, me cry15. Warm Voice
  5. 5. Q.Anagrams(15*2=30 points)1.Dirty Room-Dormitory2.Indicatory- Dictionary3. Stamp Store- Post master4. To see place- telescope5. A stew, Sir- Waitress6. A rope ends it- Desperation7. Bad credit- Debit card8. Married- Admirer
  6. 6. 9. Swear oft - Software10. Here Come Dots- The Morse Code11. Go Get Oils - Geologist12. No more stars - Astronomers13. Trims cash - Christmas14. shit, me cry-Chemistry15. Warm Voice -Microwave
  7. 7. Q.2 Pick up the clues/quotes to guess the book. Bonus points for the author.(10+5)1. "You may be an undigested bit of beef, a blotof mustard, a crumb of cheese, a fragment ofunderdone potato. Theres more of gravy thanof grave about you, whatever you are!"Darkness is cheap, and Scrooge liked it."
  8. 8. The Christmas Carol-Charles Dickens
  9. 9. 2."what is the use of a book, thought X, withoutpictures or conversations?“"Oh my ears and whiskers, how late its getting!“"How doth the little crocodileImprove his shining tail,And pour the waters of the NileOn every golden scale! ..."
  10. 10. Alice in Wonderland- Lewis Caroll
  11. 11. 4.“Behind every great fortune, there is a crime”."A lawyer with his briefcase can steal more thana hundred men with guns."
  12. 12. The Godfather- Mario Puzo
  13. 13. 5.“I dont want to waste time in these classes.Memorising the weak assumptions of lessermortals”“Terrified, petrified, mortified, stupified...byyou.”
  14. 14. A Beautiful MindSylvia nasar
  15. 15. Q3.Synonym Matrix(8*2=16)1.Embarked - prolonged2.castigated - astuteness3.Deleterious - evaded4.Eluded - tiresomeness5.Corroborate - started6.Protracted - harmful7.Acumen - support8.Drudgery - criticised
  16. 16. Q3.Synonym Matrix1.Embarked - started2.castigated - criticised3.Deleterious - harmful4.Eluded - evaded5.Corroborate - support6.Protracted - prolonged7.Acumen - astuteness8.Drudgery - tiresomeness
  17. 17. Q4.Alphabet Soup(word on the right is either a synonym or antonym) (2*6=12)1.Least - M---M-M2.Fizz - E--E--E--E--E3.Chuckling - G-GG---G4.Gossip - T-TT--T-TT--5.Annual - Y----Y6.Transparent - --Q--
  19. 19. Q5. Decrypt the famous authors(3*6)1. A Knight’s nephew2. Smashed urinal3. Twin Karma4. Shh ! Groin jam5. What joint fans6. Dark, lurid, pingy
  20. 20. 1. Stephen Hawkings2. Salman Rushdie3. Mark Twain4. John Grisham5. Jonathan Swift6. Rudyard Kipling
  21. 21. Enough of words and vocabLets move onto proper quizzing..:p(don’t be afraid, it is not going to be thattough..
  22. 22. Q1.How many lines does a sonnet have?
  23. 23. • 14
  24. 24. Q2.Who wrote Where ignorance is bliss, it is folly tobe wise?
  25. 25. • Shakespeare
  26. 26. Q3.Name the book which opens with the line Allchildren, except one grew up?
  27. 27. Peter Pan
  28. 28. Q4. Who would be called the English Homer andfather of English poetry?
  29. 29. Geoffrey Chaucer
  30. 30. Q5. Satyajit Ray directed the film Sonar Kella.Who wrote the book?
  31. 31. Satyajit Ray himself
  32. 32. Q6. Who wrote Devdas?
  33. 33. Sharathchantra Chattopadhyaya
  34. 34. Q7. This is a castle in the Carpathian Mountains.To reach the castle, after a comfortable rest atthe Golden Krone Hotel in Bistritz, take a coachthrough the Borgo Pass. There youll find acarriage sent by the landlord, and youll be takento the castle exactly at midnight. Whose castle isthis?
  35. 35. Draculla
  36. 36. Q8. For which book did Arundhati Roy win theBooker Prize
  37. 37. God of small things
  38. 38. Q9. Name two Indian nominations for the 2008booker prize..Hint : one was the author of “The white tiger “.
  39. 39. Arvind AdigaAmitav Ghoshe
  40. 40. Q10. Who made his debut in Casino Royale in1952 ?
  41. 41. James Bond
  42. 42. Thank you.. 